Because it’s January

Where did the time go? It’s almost the end of January!

Remember, how I had winter break goals? I did all of them except running a virtual race and go ice skating…still on my to-do list though!

To me, January always seems like the slowest month of the year but this year, it feels the busiest. The spring semester started last week (on the 12th) and I’ve had a ton of work and school things to do since then. That being said, for 2 weeks into school, I’ve done quite well with keeping up with readings and workouts (see below for January’s workouts).

21-Day Fix
January also feels like the “realest” month of the year, when reality just slaps you right in the face. I was eating really healthy during the last few weeks of the semester and then I don’t know what happened…the holidays? Regardless, I needed a health kick and I signed up for the 21-day fix with my college crew coach, Anna, who also happens to be a full-time attorney. So clearly she gets the whole work/life/workout balance.

I’m in Anna’s challenge group, which she coaches. The 21-day fix is part of the BeachBody empire and is also a diet and exercise program. I’ll do a much in-depth review once I’m done but I do weigh in weekly and I lost 3.4 lbs the first week, which is a lot.  That being said, the diet isn’t overly restrictive but I didn’t realize how much I was eating until I was on it.  There’s a calorie range that’s measured by the colored cups and you eat  by servings of each colored cup so I’m supposed to eat 3 servings of veggies, 2 of fruits, 4 of protein, etc. plus follow their workouts (30 minute workouts a day which varies between cardio, upper, lower, pilates, yoga “fixes”).

Right now, I’m half-way through the program and if it’s taught me anything it’s 1) shakeology is delicious 2) I eat a lot 3) meal prepping works.

Breakfast for the past week and half

All the half-marathons
Oh yes, in addition to the 21-day fix, I’m also training for the NYC Half. It’s been freezing outside so I haven’t been running outdoors but I have been running at Mile High Run Club a ton this month (5x this month!). However, according to my calendar I need to start doing long runs (6+ miles).

The Brooklyn Half-Marathon opened (and also sold out) yesterday so I signed up for it. Even though, I hated it last year but loved it the year before (PR!). I also signed up for the Walkway Over the Hudson Half-Marathon in my hometown on June 13.

So to recap: NYC Half on 3/15, Brooklyn on 5/16 and WOTH on 6/13. My roomie is trying to get me to sign up for Queens Half on 4/12 right before my birthday but we’ll see.

January workouts (fixes are part of the 21-day fix):
1/2 – Brooklyn Bodyburn
1/3 – DASH 28 at Mile High Run Club
1/4 – Refine Method & 305 fitness
1/5 – Signature Row at CityRow
1/6 – Strength at Uplift
1/7 – Pilates Mat at Xtend Barre Brooklyn
1/8 – 30 min Cardio Fix
1/9 – none
1/10 – DASH 28 at Mile High Run Club
1/11 – The Distance at Mile High Run Club (this class was really, really hard)
1/12 – 30 min Cardio Fix (1st day of 21 day fix!)
1/13 – 30 min Upper Fix
1/14 – 30 min Lower Fix
1/15 – 15 mins of Pilates Fix
1/16 – none
1/17 – Yoga at Reebok w/ Strala Yoga, the remainder of 15 minute pilates fix + 10 min abs

1/18 – DASH 28 at Mile High Run Club
1/19 – DASH 28 at Mile High Run Club & Refine
1/20 – none
1/21 – Dirty 30 fix & 10 min abs
1/22 – 1 hour personal training session at Uplift
1/23 – 10 min abs

How is your January going so far? Training for any races in the cold too?

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