21-Day Fix Review

In my last post, I talked about how I started 21-day fix and my workouts lately. I finished up yesterday and I ended up losing exactly 6lbs in 21 days.

The last week of the 21 day fix looked like this:

Day 13 – 1/24 – Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club & Sculpt Fusion at Uplift Studios 
Day 14 – 1/25 – ran 4 miles, 10 min abs, and 30 minute yoga fix
Day 15 – 1/26 – 30 minute pilates fix
Day 16 – 1/27 – SNOW DAY! So Refine Method (50 mins) & Barry’s Bootcamp (1 hour class & it was leg day), plus at least 20 minutes of foam rolling and stretching at home
Day 17 – 1/28 – nothing, couldn’t move my legs after Refine & Barry’s
Day 18 – 1/29 – 1 hour personal training
Day 19 – 1/30 – None
Day 20 – 1/31 – 1 hour vinyasa yoga class at Yoga to the People
Day 21 – 2/1 – Refine Method

Views from my 4 mile run last weekend

How did this work?

For 21 days, you ate at a deficit and worked out for 30 minutes. It sounds simple enough until you start doing it and realize you have been eating WAY TOO MUCH.  For the most part, I was following the meal plan until the past few days.  I’ve been really stressed out and busy so I fell off the wagon with eating.

The formula for figuring out your calories/how much you’ll be eating during the 21 days is:

  1. Your Current Weight in Pounds x 11 = Caloric Baseline
  2. Caloric Baseline + 400 (fix calorie burn) = Your Caloric Needs  
  3. Your Caloric Needs – 750 (Caloric Deficit) = Your Caloric Target
My caloric target placed me in the lowest calorie range of eating (1,200 – 1499 calories daily) and that equaled:
3 Green servings
2 Purple servings
4 Red servings
2 Yellow servings
1 Blue
1 Orange 
2 teaspoons
From the 21-Day Fix website

At first, it didn’t seem like a lot of food especially on the first day. Although my first day of the 21-day fix was also the first day of the semester so maybe I wanted to stress eat? After two days, my cravings subsided.  Especially with the Shakeology smoothies/shakes (1 scoop of Shakeology = 1 red/protein serving).

I did a decent amount of meal prep with this plan and I needed to. It didn’t allow for a lot of processed snacks, just whole, real foods (and Shakeology). I made a lot of quinoa, salmon and made lots of chocolate smoothies with spinach (one way to get greens in & no it’s not gross, spinach has absolutely no taste).

Also, you don’t eat only one container at a time. My breakfast smoothie included 1 red (shakeology), 1 yellow (almond milk), 2 teaspoons (almond butter), and 1 green (spinach).  I used an app I found to keep track of my progress and eating. It was only $1.99 but incredibly helpful and had a list of the foods that were included in each container group.

What’s included?

Since I bought this as a challenge pack ($140), I got the following:

  • 2 CDs with all the workouts
  • Bonus Plyo workout CD
  • Shakeology – 30 day pack
  • The colored containers
  • Shakeology shake bottle
  • Eating Plan guide + 3 day quick fix guide
However, you’ll need a mat and hand weights for a few of the workouts. You can buy Shakeology and 21-day fix package separately but it was actually cheaper buying them as a challenge pack (I also bought it from a Beachbody coach so I think there was a slight discount?). 
What about the workouts?

I’ve read some reviews about 21-day fix and those reviewers say that the moves are really new and awesome.  The moves are simple but you do get sweaty.  However, I am comparing this to all the crazy, innovative stuff that happens in NYC boutique studios.

All the workouts on the DVDs (except the 10 minute abs workout) are 30 minutes. I hate working out at home but with these short workouts, there’s no excuse not to workout (other than avoiding jumping workouts late at night – my neighbors hate me).

My favorite workouts were the 10 minute abs, pilates fix and dirty 30. Yoga fix is great for stretching/post-running workout. Like I said earlier, you do need weights. I bought 8lb weights and it wasn’t enough weight for me.

1) Total Body Cardio Fix
2) Upper Body Fix
3) Lower Body Fix
4) Pilates Fix
5) Cardio Fix
6) Yoga Fix
+ bonus workouts: Dirty 30 + 10 minute abs + Plyo (this I haven’t tried but I think its a lot of jumping)
But what about Shakeology?
I know a few people who always do Shakeology and I was hesitant about it. I mean it’s so expensive. Except it’s really delicious. I was really surprised by how good this stuff is. I’m absolutely sold on it. 
I ordered the chocolate shakeology with my challenge pack which is a 30 day supply and I ended up running out 2 weeks into it.  There’s no way I had all of that but I do find myself throwing down Shakeology during night classes.  It’s not really recommended that you drink this more than 2x a day because digestive issues (hinthinthint).

My morning ritual – 2 shots of espresso, 1/2 cup almond milk,  1.5 scoops of shakeology, 1 cup spinach, 1 cup ice & blend.

Challenge Group
As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to do this because of my college crew coach, Anna. She had posted about doing a January challenge group. I know others who are Beachbody coaches but Anna was my college crew coach for almost a year so I trusted her more than other acquaintances who have been coaching for a while.

She teamed up with another Beachbody coach and there’s maybe 20+ in our challenge group but everyone was on different programs: 21-day fix, Insanity, etc. And because we joined at different times, I was a week behind the other 21-day fixers. There’s a Facebook group for all of us, which is invisible to outsiders.  It’s really helpful to have the group because 1) it’s motivational 2) it’s helpful to see how other people manage to workout with work/school/family commitments.

Final thoughts

This program is perfect for anyone who 1) doesn’t have time to workout but needs to get healthier 2) has issues with portion control 3) wants to get started working out but doesn’t want to commit to a gym 4) is a newbie to both workout and portion control.

Even though this looks like a workout and eating plan, it’s really focused on your eating and portion control.  Also, it helps that I’ve been also drinking my meals (Shakeology) so it’s really forced me to not eat as much.

I did the workouts and I followed the meal plan…maybe 80-85% of the way through and I still lost 6lbs so yes it works. Like I mentioned earlier, January was a mess with a bunch of social events. I also still drank on the program (2 margaritas on Friday, 1 glass of wine the week before at an alumni reception for my undergrad university). I think technically the plan allows for 1 drink max a week?

Bought a bunch of samples! Haven’t tried Greenberry or Vanilla yet.

Even though you can do this on your own and buy 21-day fix with or without Shakeology, I’d recommend finding a challenge group and doing Shakeology. Both are really helpful to being successful in the program.

Have you done 21-day fix? Or a similar program. Thoughts? Questions? 

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