february freakout

Happy long weekend & belated valentine’s day! I love finding awesome memes/photos/etc. So here are some of my favorites so far:

For all my #NotoriousRBG fans. Source – facebook

I’ve been bad with working out lately. I finished 21-day fix on February 1.  It is now February 14 and I have worked out exactly 4x since February 1 and that includes today’s workout (although it doesn’t include the yoga class I’ll be going to later today).

Sunday 2/8 – Pure Barre
Thursday 2/12 – 1 hour training at Uplift
Friday 2/13 – Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
Saturday 2/14 – Strength at Uplift + vinyasa yoga at Yoga to the People
Today 2/15 – Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club

I’m slowly getting back on the workout wagon this weekend. I had yesterday off from school and work and have Monday off too so 4 day weekend to get my life together.  Today marks one month until the NYC Half!

Last year’s medal! 

When s*** hits the fan….
I’m a planner by nature (just look at my google calendar) but then even with all the amazing planning, sometimes my beautiful planning just gets blown into bits.

Last week (the first week of February) was a great example of that, I did have 6 workouts planned and all but one got accomplished.  Everything came down hard on me.  One of those weeks where everyone wants something from you.  Except sadly for me, the people who wanted a lot from me last week was a lot of lawyers, law students, judges and law professors. Yikes.

My roommate claims it’s the February Freakout, that it’s the worst month of the year because it’s cold, dreary and basically just miserable.  I completely agree.

When s*** hits the fan, I generally do one of four things: eat, workout, hangout with friends, and look forward/plan something. I mostly did 3 of those 4 things last week. I’m out of last week’s mess but I a lot of good things are happening – looking forward to a legal conference in San Francisco in 3 weeks, possibly a vacation in Miami, the NYC Half, the first race of 2015 (the Washington Heights 5K), and I finally signed up for the NYC Marathon and the Queens 10K!

So far my 2015 race schedule looks like this:

3/1/15 NYRR Washington Heights 5K
3/15/15 NYC Half-Marathon
5/16/1Brooklyn Half-Marathon
6/13/15 Walkway Over The Hudson Half-Marathon  
6/21/15 Queens 10K
7/19/15 NYC Triathlon
11/1/15 NYC Marathon

What do you all do when it rains a hot mess on you? How was everyone’s valentine’s day?

I need to own a vase! 

2 thoughts on “february freakout

  1. This post describes my life the past couple of weeks… well minus the triathlon, marathon, and half-marathon training. Planned successes, accomplished nothing productive, but did consume a whole lot of junk food. Ha! Back to planning again.


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