Give it up – Lent edition

Going cold turkey with anything only replaces that one bad habit with another right? Like if I gave up chocolate, I’d probably only go buy myself lots of sweet drinks like a caramel macchiato.

I went to Catholic school for 9 years so the act of giving something up for 40 days didn’t really scare me.  I haven’t really done the whole “give something up for Lent” thing in a few years but I’m thinking about it for Lent since Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.  I do have some vices and 40 days is probably good enough time to get rid of a vice? My biggest vice is probably takeout…not wine or chocolate, not red meat, just takeout.

Here are some ideas that are floating around:

  • Chocolate – always a favorite of my sister and mom to give up for Lent
     photo anigif_enhanced-3236-1397496651-2_zpsngqyfe62.gif
  • Meat – I once did this in high school, it was rough. I need protein in my life!
  •  photo giphy_zpspmt2aljd.gif
  • Alcohol – I once did this for a month with my coworker. It was dry January. Not because we were drinking too much but because we were clearly overeating as a result of drinking and other health issues (coughcoughweightcough). It was extreme. Our boss thought it was crazy. Also, I love wine almost as much as Olivia Pope does. Almost. 
  •  photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-5891-1385064095-32_zpsrpczyq4r.gif
  • Takeout – my sister is considering this and I may have to as well. Being in law school part-time screws up my whole eating schedule so take out happens more than usual. 
  • Caffeine – LOL nope won’t be happening for me. My roomie owns an espresso machine and I would hate to see that go to waste.
  •  photo giphy_zpsfu0cailp.gif
  • Social media – I can think of a few people who should and have given it up for 40 days but I can’t imagine doing it myself. Maybe a slight social media detox (or email detox) would work for me.
  • Spending $ on non-essentials – A former co-worker’s husband did this a few years ago but also only for  a month so no takeout, no coffee, no happy hour, no nothing other than rent and bills. I already have no social life so why make it worse. Definitely not for me.
  • Netflix – a possibility if House of Cards wasn’t coming out next weekend
  •  photo giphy_zpst6feilgm.gif
  • Diet soda – the boyfriend is doing this for Lent (maybe)….he does actually drink at least a whole bottle or two during the week. 
  • Toxic/flaky friends – I don’t have much time to actually meet up with people and it’s my BIGGEST pet peeve when people are flaky. I think some people need to be taught a lesson. Hmm.
Most likely I’ll give up takeout for Lent. Although I’m thinking “takeout” needs a definition. I’m defining takeout as anything ordered on Seamless, taken from the Whole Foods hot (or cold) food bar or really any lunch time buffet in NYC, coffee, smoothies, or juice if not consumed on the premises.
Would love to hear your ideas on what to give up for Lent. Post in the comments below. 

2 thoughts on “Give it up – Lent edition

  1. Ugh, I need to figure out what I'm giving up for Lent as well. I did coffee one year – that was hard, I may try that again this year. I like the idea of giving up takeout though! (I would need the same parameters as you – I don't even want to think about how frequently I pick stuff up from Whole Foods hot bar or pizza station!)


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