The worst month of the winter is officially over. I am PUMPED for March. There are so many things going on this month but first, a workout recap of February:

2/8 Pure Barre Park Slope
2/12 Personal training at Uplift
2/13 Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
2/14 Uplift Strength + Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga to the People
2/15 Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
2/16 Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
2/17 Exceed Tribeca
2/18 Exceed Tribeca
2/20 Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
2/21 Personal training at Uplift
2/23 First day of 21-day Fix Extreme!
2/24 Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
2/25 Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
2/27 Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club & Uplift Strength
2/28 Personal training at Uplift
3/1 Washington Heights 5k!

Like I said in my February Freakout post, I was a mess the first week of February so there was no working out done that week. Also, as you can tell Mile High is how I’m preparing for the NYC Half Marathon in 2 weeks. Anyways, I’m not going to spend any more time on the worst month of winter….

This weekend, I had tons of fun (but also loads of work).  I got some headshots done by my friend and fellow alumna, Rachael because photos of me at a bar should not be my Linkedin photo. HA.

We went to the Met and a really cute cafe on the Upper East Side. I can’t wait until it gets warmer outside to do some fun fitness photos. You can check out her website here.

Rachael Elana Photography
Rachael Elana Photography

After that photography session, I went to Uplift then went to school to study a bit before Lynette’s wine and cheese party. The next day Lynette, from Life is Better in Yoga Pants, and I ran the NYRR Washington Heights 5k. Even though we weren’t together when we started, she found me after I stopped to take some pretty photos of the frozen Hudson River.

After the massive bag check line, we got some brunch!

In like a lion out – March goals

There’s a lot to look forward to this month: I’m leaving Thursday morning for San Francisco for an awesome legal conference hosted by Ms. JD and I officially join their board of directors after the conference, spring break is next week and I’ll be in Miami for a few days, the NYC Half is in TWO WEEKS, and I get to interview an amazing female attorney live at the end of the month.

There’s also a lot of bad…mostly midterms. Regardless, here are my goals for the month

  1. Beat last year’s NYC Half Time. It was eerily close to my half-marathon PR but it was off by a minute and a half.  This is the months I’ve ran prior to any of the past 2 NYC Halfs I’ve done so I’m more ready than I have been at this point. 
  2. Try some new classes. As you can tell from above, I go to the same few places to workout. I’m trying out FitReserve this month and I’ll report back but I’m loving that some of my favorites and some new studios are on their list. I definitely want to try out CLAY this month. (As a side note, use my link to get $50 off FitReserve!)
  3. Focus on my Lenten goals. I’m epically failing. Takeout is just so easy for me to do. I almost don’t even think about it. 
  4. Chhaaaangessss. I’m ready for some awesome, new good stuff to happen. I just am. Hopefully that happens by the end of the month.
How was your weekend? Are you ready for March like I am? 

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