All the F words: San Francisco & Florida

Fun.  Friends. Food. Feminism. Fitness. Flights. San Francisco. Florida. —-> This pretty much sums up my past week.

I can’t believe how many flights I’ve been on in the past week. I was in San Francisco for a women’s legal conference then Florida for a little vacation. I’m back in NYC and picked up my NYC Half bib! Even though the half is on Sunday, I really haven’t worked out too much in this past week, so let’s recap and assess the damage:

Thursday, March 5 – Barely slept 4 hours before getting on my 6:45am flight to SF. I took my criminal law mid-term the night before and then had to sit through class immediately after. Luckily, my flight took off without a problem (there was a ton of snow that morning in NYC).  I made it to sunny and gorgeous San Francisco but started carbo-loading for the NYC Half a week early. OOPS.

Hey cornbread!
View from the reception at Madam Tussaud’s

Friday, March 6 – Ms. JD hosted an awesome fundraiser at The Bar Method in SF prior to the conference at 6am. I love Bar Method and I’m hoping one day Bar Method ends up on Classpass or Fitreserve.

After barre, we ran over to set up at the conference. If you’re wondering where all the F words theme came from, it actually came from a panel on how men can and should be involved in the conversation regarding feminism: “at the heard of the issue of feminism is fairness.”  Oh it’s just so true but moving on.

Post-conference networking reception! 

I continued to carbo load on Friday with all the Italian food I ate Friday night.  I was trying hard to be healthy during a work trip and brought healthy snacks like a bag of clementines and sunflower seeds but I ended up eating ALL THE CARBS. In hindsight, it was much healthier than my Florida trip.

Did I mention I had maybe 3 or 4 appetizers before dinner?

Saturday, March 7 – After a morning meeting, I caught up with soon to be half-marathoner, Laura, on a little “hike” to the beach. Not only is San Francisco hilly but so is Pacifica, where we stayed. It’s also absolutely gorgeous.

I need to move here.

Sunday, March 8 – I got back to NYC from SF around midnight and slept for over 12 hours. Yikes. After going into the office for a few hours, I went into Mile High Run Club and dragged my boyfriend with me. I felt really energetic and was running at what I hope will one day be my half-marathon pace (<9 mins?).

Monday, March 9 – Thursday, March 12 – If you’re wondering why I just didn’t fly directly to Florida from SF, it’s because I literally booked the Florida trip 3 weeks ago while SF was booked months ago. Also, it’s my law school spring break so it’s the only time I can leave NYC for an extended period of time until May.

As for working out, I didn’t do any working out. We kept sleeping in late and rolling out to the beach in the afternoon. We planned for beach yoga, maybe even a bike ride through Miami but nope none of it happened. Just eating and the beach.

BEWARE of the jellyfish!
You know what did happen….crab cakes, stuffed shrimp, fried key lime pie. #YOLO

Haitian food in Miami Beach

Today, I put on work clothes after wearing beach dresses all week and that was a rude awakening (putting on a pencil skirt after eating all the things for days? terrible life choice).  After work, the boy and I went to Mile High Run Club for a Dash 28 class and after that, I went to pick up my bib for Sunday’s NYC Half. I’m so excited!

How do you stay healthy while traveling? Who’s running the NYC Half on Sunday? Let me know!

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