Spring cleaning

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a workout recap and/or life update. Basically since my vacation post over a month ago.

But it a nutshell, it can be summarized as lots of good but lots of bad and lots of changes.

The good = got a new tank!

As for the good, I mean it’s been an exciting few weeks – I moderated an event that was broadcasted around the country and internationally.  When I think about where I was 4.5 years ago in grad school, as a student who skipped out on all the class presentations because I hated public speaking so much, it’s quite a development. Plus I’m registered for the Runner’s Road Half Marathon & Festival! I’m doing the hat trick (half-marathon, 10K and 5K all in one weekend!) which is what I’ve wanted to do for a few years. (BTW – use BIBRAVEPROMO to get $5 off registration).

As for the bad, well let’s put it this way – have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been just treated like a second class citizen BUT you can’t do ANYTHING about it? That’s feeling absolutely sucks because you just have to take it. Life isn’t terrible but a lot is going to change soon.

Also, I’m way behind on law school studying and I’m pretty sure I need to lose 10lbs when this semester is over.

Sat 4/4 – Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club (MHRC)
Fri 4/3 – Dash 28 at MHRC
Thurs 4/2 – Exceed
Sunday 3/29 – 2 mile run and yoga at Studio 360
Friday 3/27 – Dash 28 at MHRC
Weds 3/25 – one hour personal training session at Uplift
Tues 3/24 – 55 minute Uplift Strength class
Sunday 3/22  –  Uplift Sculpt Fusion
Saturday 3/21 – Dash 28 at MHRC & sculpt fusion at Uplift
Thurs 3/19 – 
one hour personal training session at Uplift
Tues 3/17 – Uplift Strength class

Sunday 3/15 – NYC Half

I know some people say all of the above is a lot of workouts but I don’t feel like it is.  I miss having time to go run outside or go to classes most days of the week.  I’m averaging 3 workouts a week which isn’t bad but I can feel my pencil skirts not fitting as well, which is just making me more excited for the semester to be over (1 more month!) so I can focus on triathlon training and not stress eating so much. 

I still regret nothing.

Triathlon training
Speaking of triathlon training, I’m slowly putting together a budget over the past few weeks. I’m definitely signing up for the JackRabbit Sports triathlon skills swim classes (birthday present to me from my parents!) and bought myself a Brooklyn Tri Club membership (4x coached workouts per week for $75 a year? done). I’m also researching road bikes because I haven’t had a bike since I lived in Boston (4 years ago).

What I’ve been realizing with all this research is that it’s not freaking cheap! UGH IT IS SO EXPENSIVE! If you think running is pricey, you haven’t seen triathlon training.  I need a bike, googles, a swimsuit, a swim cap, etc.  The only thing I’m good on is running attire. 

Regardless, I’m excited to be taking this on and to start training. Although I do worry about the swim portion of it.

“Inhale the good…”

I don’t what it is about April but it seems like everyone I know was born this month (including myself!).  I’m looking forward to so many things coming up like the semester ending and triathlon training. Also, looking forward to my birthday on Tax Day, plus this awesome Ms. JD fundraiser I’m hosting at Exceed (which just so happens to be on my birthday)! Proceed will go to the Global Education Fund and there will be post-workout snacks from SodTerra and WHOS gluten free.  Come workout with me – register here.

Love the TriBeCa studio of Exceed! 

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