Dear future me…

You know what’s a surprise to wake up to on your birthday?

A letter you wrote yourself 4 years earlier but we’ll get to that later.

Since my last workout recap, I haven’t worked as much. I’m seriously looking forward to running around like crazy as soon as the semester ends. And I do mean lots of running.

4/5 – Sculpt Fusion at Uplift
4/8 – Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
4/14 – Exceed
4/15 – Ms. JD fundraiser at Exceed (my birthday!)

4/17 –  Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club
4/21 – Sculpt Fusion at Uplift
4/23 – Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club

I’ve been on FitReserve (full-review coming soon!) and as you can tell, these are the same classes I keep hitting up because 1) I love them 2) I can actually get into the classes.

I think it’s hilarious that some people think it’s weird to workout on your birthday.  Is it? I genuinely like moving around and doing things and sweating.  When I told people I was hosting a fundraiser #networkout event at Exceed on my birthday (crim law was cancelled for that day!), they looked at me all funny.

My birthday consisted of working, working out and eating! Thanks to Exceed for hosting the fundraiser, and WHOS Gluten Free and SOUND tea (formerly SodTerra) for snacks!

we look good for getting our asses kicked an hour earlier!

Dear Silly Younger Self & Future Me

Like I mentioned earlier, I woke up on my birthday to an email I sent myself from 4 years ago. I sent it through Basically you write it public or private and schedule to send it to yourself in a few months or few years. I did this email at a pivotal, if not, hot mess time in my life (I was 21).

Regardless, I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS EMAIL. And no I will not post it because, it’s ridiculous.

The general tone of the email was “well I hope you’re awesome and you’re hopefully graduating law school and you’ve at least done a marathon and maybe you’re over your ex.”

Well, younger self, it’s 3 out of 4.  I am NO WHERE NEAR TO GRADUATING LAW SCHOOL.  I’m actually okay with that. I have, however, done 2 marathons and 12 half-marathons.

I’m not sure why I picked 4 years into the future to send it to myself (probably because I thought I would be graduating from law school). Possibly because I do love the idea of 4 years – 4 years of high school, college, etc.  Oddly, enough 4 years from now I’ll be 30. I can’t even imagine 4 years from now.

So dear future (30-year-old) me,

Hopefully you graduated law school (for real this time) and found a full-time lawyer gig. Hopefully you’ve run 30 half-marathons because dirty 30 really means 30 half-marathons. Hopefully you’ve done the Chicago Marathon and possibly the Boston Marathon too and maybe even an international marathon!


How do you goal set? Have you used

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