Introducing Minted!

In such a technological world, people still use paper. It’s weird to say that but some things need paper.

Like planners, birth announcements, thank you cards, business cards, wedding announcements, etc.

Images via Minted

I have never heard of Minted until they reached out to me. Oddly enough, I’ve been looking for thank you cards but Minted so much more than that.  If you’re looking for a unique awesome design, look no further.  Use Minted for:

Images via Minted

What makes Minted different?
They are a design marketplace.  Artists and designers submit their designs, people vote and Minted produces the most popular designs. Originally I thought of it like Etsy but any design you buy can be easily be customized. You also buy directly from Minted, not from the designers.  When you buy the cards or calendars, you know who you’re buying from.  Designers are compensated for each sale.

Website view!

Since everything is customizable, Minted will send you a proof once you submit your order so they make sure it’s perfect.  I already got my proofs.  (Plus I ordered a Mother’s Day card but since I only changed the text, there was no proof attached). I ended up getting some business cards that were fun and not related to my job/field whatsoever. You can easily change things using their website.

The stripes at the bottom are the back of my business cards – striped black & grey!

Even if you aren’t getting married or having a baby, they offer really awesome business cards or really anything you need for a freelance professional life. I have business cards for work but these work for anything outside of the legal realm. I am SO EXCITED to get mine.

Check out their website, blog and on social media!

Disclaimer: Minted provided me with products in exchange for a blog post.

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