A Day in The Life

I love reading “a day in the life” posts from other bloggers.  I was reading one yesterday on the Exceed blog so here is a run down of how sometimes I function and how I try to fit stuff into my day.

A day in the life of a part-time law student, full-time paralegal, blogger, runner,  etc.

6:30am – alarm is going off but I can’t get out of bed. I went to bed around 1am the night before because I was at the law school late (the day before was the last day of class!). I generally don’t work out in the morning but since it’s much nicer and sunnier out, I’ve been waking up early.

6:41am – finally got out of bed and pulled all my stuff together – books, work clothes and outlines.

6:47am – running out of the apartment to catch the train to Mile High Run Club, ate a Chia bar on my way there on the train

7:17am – finally at Mile High Run Club! Dropped my stuff into the locker and got to class

Photo from MHRC

8:00am – Dash 28 with Luke is done! But my legs are sooooo sore from the intervals and the run in the park the day before. I need to foam roll and stretch.

8:00 – 8:10am – Chatting & foam rolling with my law school classmate, Gloria, who also was there with me.

8:10am -8:15am – I can get ready so fast!   The shower line was insane so I wiped the sweat off, threw some dry shampoo in my hair and put a dress and blazer on.

8:22am – waited for Gloria to finish getting ready and we hit up Brazilia for some breakfast and iced coffee. Ate some of my massive scone and clearly had to take pics of it too.

8:32am – getting on the subway to get to my office by Wall Street in the Financial District

9am – literally just sat down in my cubicle and turned the computer on and my phone is ringing already

9:05am – 10:05am – Client meeting #1

10:05-10:30am – finished the rest of my scone and iced coffee and checking and writing some emails.

10:30am – my package from Mizuno came today!!!! WOOO SHOES! I got the Wave Rider 18s – they are really that purple! They are really light too.

10:40am -12pm – going through cases, calling clients, drafting a memo, answering emails, etc.

12pm – 1pm – Client meeting #2

1:10pm – I’m so hungry I can’t even function. I ran out of the apartment without grabbing my lunch. So I went outside to get lunch because 1) it’s so nice out and 2) I love Open Kitchen, their seafood is so good! Got some kale and salmon.

I’m trying to cut back on eating out because of my summer plans (taking leave from my full-time job to intern full-time with a judge) but I needed food!

1:30pm – 5:20pm – I was slowly losing steam – lots more drafting of documents and letters and calling clients. I have some last minute hearings next week (in the midst of finals no less). I generally like hearings and appreciate the experience of going in front of judges but it’s really hectic sometimes. Before school started, I used to stay a lot later in the office but can’t really do that anymore, except on Fridays (when I don’t have class).

5:35 – 6pm – At the law school, met up with Gloria, my Mile High running buddy, and ate some breakfast for dinner. An annual semester tradition to kick of finals. OH HEY BACON!

6pm – 6:45pm – A really short criminal law review regarding the essay portion of our final with my crim law professor. Also threw down some RecoveryBits to keep my energy level high.

6:45pm – 7pm – Brought some classmates some samples of RecoveryBits & EnergyBits since they are also running and in school like me. Chatted about upcoming races and such. (Use my code for 25% off RUNTHEJUNGLE)

7pm – 10pm – Stayed in the classroom where the review session was and studied for criminal law, even though that final is in 2 weeks. I’m a bit lost with the last portion of the class (which is 50% of my exam). I focused too much on civil procedure the past month so I’m like what is going on!?! Snacks included one waffle, a granola bar and an orange.

10:20pm – my brain is fried and I fully intended to study through 11pm, which is how long I was at the school the night before.  After giving up on studying, I trolled social media for 20 minutes. I put on my new sneakers since my work shoes were getting gross.

10:50pm – finally home. Did I mention my brain is fried? I usually read or study on the subway but I just couldn’t.

12am – way earlier than I expected to go to bed but after reading some blogs, showering and making lunch (ok my roomie made it days ago but I’ve been eating most of it) for the next day. I was really really really tired. I generally go to bed a bit later (1am?) but I am fried.

Lunch for the next day

You’re probably thinking – “wait? so when do you actually blog?” By the time I sit down to put a post together, it’s usually already done.  I generally write on the subway on my iPhone, at least various drafts of things.  But sometimes I find the time on weekends, or during my lunchtime (or in class…just kidding, I’m a great student 😉 )

What does your day look like? How do you fit fitness into your hectic schedule?

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