Week 1: triathlon training

I’m buckling down and getting focused on triathlon training (and finals). The NYC triathlon is Sunday, July 19! It consists of a (1500 meter) 1 mile swim, 40k (24.8 mile) bike ride, and a 10k (6.2 mile) run.

I signed up to train with the Brooklyn Tri Club weeks back but haven’t been able to go because of my class schedule. Once the semester is officially over, I hope to train with them (hopefully, next week!).

I also finally signed up for a swimming program through JackRabbit (more on that below) and finally bought swim cap, googles and a swimsuit (Paragon Sports has a really great selection).  Brooklyn Tri does bike, run, strength, and brick (run+bike) workouts but no swim. I still need to get a bike but that will be happening next week after finals.

Despite the hot mess of trying to cram a semester’s worth of material into my brain, I still worked out this week, which I think has kept me a little bit sane.

Monday – rest 
Tuesday – 4 mile run outside
Wednesday Dash 28 at MHRC at 7:15am
Thursday – 2 mile run outside (very sore from the days before). Got new sneakers so HAD to try them out.

Friday Dash 28 at MHRC at 7:15am, 10 hours of studying then yoga at The Workout Factory.
The yoga was pretty cool. There was a live DJ, glow sticks, disco lights and wine and chocolate afterwards! 
Saturday Exceed   could not get out of bed until 12pm, was way too tired to function. Instead spent 8 hours at the law school studying. Eating lots of snacks.
Sunday – one hour of sorta swimming.  I originally signed for the level II class thinking “well, I’m not a beginner” BUT 1) I haven’t gone swimming in a REALLY long time 2) it’s for much more advanced swimmers than I had anticipated.  The coach said I was a better fit for the level 1 class (so embarrassing) and I could still switch in.  I spent the rest of class doing laps (not at the speed everyone else was doing) of freestyle and kicks (no arms). The coach was really helpful and not judgy at all so it made it doable.

Apparently there’s a real beginner class, level 1, then level 2 and level 3.  So this morning, Jackrabbit emailed me back and allowed me to switch into level 1.  The swim portion scares me and I’m even more worried now? Or less? I haven’t figured if I feel better or worse.

I signed up for an open water swim clinic in June (also through JackRabbit) and may even do another one as well (Empire Tri hosts clinics too!).  

My plan for this week: 3 runs, 1 swim and 1 strength (TBD) probably Uplift or Exceed. The Brooklyn Half marathon is next week (5/16!) so I need to stay on the foam rolling. 

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