Week 2.5: triathlon training & summer 2015

Fail on training last week. I woke up the morning after my first swim class with a sore throat. By Tuesday night I was shaky and shivering, with a runny nose. My civil procedure final was Wednesday night so I spent all day Wednesday in bed just reading and sleeping. I was disgusting during the exam, my nose just wouldn’t stop running. Needless to say, I didn’t do much in terms of training.  Except have lots of liquids and soup and sit and study.

ALL THE DRINKS: sparkling, shakeology, and iced coffee

Monday – Friday – Nope nada, nothing, at all. Except on Thursday and Friday, I went walking for 30-40 minutes. I couldn’t really breathe but it was just so nice out.

Hanco’s pho is just the best. 

Saturday – 55 minutes of Sculpt Fusion at Uplift

Sunday – 1 hour of swimming, we do a lot of 100s (fancy name for a bunch of laps).  I’m glad I got switched into that class because it wasn’t as fast moving as the other class. That being said, still really couldn’t breathe very well so swimming just made it worse.

Monday – 3.8 mile run in Prospect Park then lots of studying (that’s iced espresso in the wine glass!)

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 3.42 miles from my office in the Financial District over the Brooklyn Bridge to the Brooklyn Half Expo. Got a little lost but found this awesome view.

What confused me about the expo is that there weren’t a lot of vendors like most expos? I didn’t see SparklySoul or Nuun there (they’re usually there if I remember correctly).  I don’t remember seeing JackRabbit either.  There was just New Balance (they are a sponsor) and that’s the major one.  So weird. 
There was, however, some mini-golf and the graffiti spray paint for the t-shirts.  There were a ton of people every where, which I wasn’t expected because it was the first night of a 3 day expo.  
SUMMER 2015 IS HERE!!!!!!!

I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM THAT MY FIRST YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL IS OVER. Seriously, that was brutal. I’ve done part-time school and full-time work before BUT this was no joke.  I would not last one more day. 
Two weeks from this upcoming Monday, I start my summer internship. I’m so excited. Except I have a ton of work to wrap up from my full-time job (if you missed it, I’m taking a 10 week leave from my full-time job to do the internship).  Although no class at night, it does feel like I have all the time in the world. 
Summer goals:
  1. Complete the NYC Triathlon 
  2. Do at least one free thing once a week – there are so many free things to do in NYC during the summer and I have not done any of them since moving here 3.5 years ago. Summer stage, Shakespeare in the park, free outdoor movies in the park, etc. Now that I’m taking a serious pay cut this summer, I have no excuse.
  3. More blogging – I promise I will be more consistent with this. Seriously. Aiming for 2x a week here!
  4. Get back into shape – please see #1 but also law school kinda destroyed me this semester. My pencil skirts are way too tight so I need to work on that.
  5. Catch up with friends/mentors/people – I feel like I’ve lived in a bubble since August and have been anti-social. This needs to change ASAP.

What are your summer goals? Who’s running the Brooklyn Half on Saturday?!

P.S. Do you know anyone who wants to sell their bike? Also, taking bike recommendations 😉 

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