Week 3 & 4: triathlon training

In the past week, I’ve really questioned my training for all of this.  I’ve felt more tired and cranky than anything else and I don’t really feel like I’ve done all that much training.  That being said, I’m doing a lot of things I haven’t done in a while (mostly swimming and biking).

Last weekend’s half, although not my fastest, left me really exhausted and tired for days afterwards. I’m not really sure what it is.  Anyways, here’s my workout recap the past two weeks.

Week 3 – week of May 11
Monday – 3.8 mile run
Tuesday – nada
Wednesday – 3.42 mile run
Thursday – 55 minute Exceed class
Friday – nada
Saturday – Brooklyn Half (13.1 miles)
Sunday – nothing (skipped swim class because I can’t feel my legs)

Week 4- week of May 18
Monday – nothing
Tuesday  – nothing
Wednesday – 2 mile run & 55- minute sculpt fusion class at Uplift
Thursday – nothing
Friday – 4 mile run
Saturday – 1.5 bike riding in Governor’s Island
Sunday -1 hour TRX class at The Workout Factory in LIC, Queens

It’s a cruiser but I still got some good miles in. 

Views from Governor’s Island

Two things I need to accomplish this week is 1) more bike riding 2) finding an additional swim membership outside of class.  So far I’m thinking of signing up with the NYC Parks & Rec membership for their indoor pools.

Game plan for the week:
Tuesday: Strength at Uplift
Wednesday: an hour bike
Thursday: Wall Street Heart 5k run with my law school
Friday: mini brick (running & bike)
Saturday: TBD – I’ll be volunteering at the UAE 10K run in Central Park most of the morning, probably swimming & yoga in the afternoon
Sunday: 1 hour swim class

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