You’re Stronger Than You Think

So far summer 2015 has been going well despite so many changes.

I’ve expressed hesitation and doubts to plenty of friends in the past few weeks about all the life changes going on and I’ve gotten some good advice. Of the pieces of advice I received:

“you’re really a lot stronger than you think”

You know what’s amazing (and scary) feeling: knowing exactly what you want, knowing what you want to do with your life…

Oddly, I have had so many epiphanies as of late. Maybe I’ve known for a while but I know most of these things. I can see the end game. I can see what I want to work towards to. But I don’t know how to get to the end goal. I just don’t. Sometimes I know what I have to do but it’s just too scary to take that next step. The fear of failure is just so real and I don’t like failing at things. Sometimes I just feel like it’s just too scary to say what you want out loud.

[If you’re wondering what I’m alluding to specifically – I mean seriously, I’m just talking about everything – kinda generalizing but it applies to every aspect of my life…including triathlon training]

Speaking of which, triathlon training is finally coming together (I think).  Sometimes I feel really stupid saying I’m training for a triathlon because I absolutely suck at swimming.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to the past two weeks. 

Week 5 – Week of May 25
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 55 minute Uplift Strength class
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – Wall Street Heart Walk/Run 5k (ran it of course!)
Friday – Uplift class rest
Saturday – yoga at Governor’s Island & 30 minutes of bike riding
Sunday – swim class rest

View of Jersey from Manhattan at the Wall Street Heart Walk

Week 6 – Week of June 1
Monday – ran 3.5 miles
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – ran 5 miles
Thursday – ran 3.41 miles with OutdoorFest
Friday – biked 14.7 miles
Saturday – open water swim clinic biked 10 miles
Sunday – 1 hour of drills in the pool, then 1 hour of swim class (mostly laps & some drills) in the evening

Swim Anxiety
I signed up for a membership one afternoon and intended to swim that day and I just got so anxious I went home.  I also skipped out on the Jackrabbit swim clinic I had signed up for on 6/6 but I hadn’t swam in almost two weeks, I needed to swim (and possibly get a wet suit first).

I used to be really good at swimming (ok, when I was 10) but now it scares me.  After this weekend of swimming, I feel a lot better but my endurance in the pool is crap.  I get so tired after just 2 laps and I don’t know how to breathe…

Some Good
Enough of the complaining – a few really awesome things: I finally bought a bike. It’s a hybrid but personally I feel better on a hybrid rather a road bike (it was also much cheaper). Secondly, I gave in and got a YMCA membership so I could swim outside of my 1x a week swim class. The YMCA in Park Slope had a special so I ended up getting the membership for the summer.  So far, I’m pretty impressed with the facilities especially the Olympic size pool.

new bike!

Like I said earlier, I feel better with swimming in the pool after this weekend.  My stroke is better (according to my coach) but also I feel what he’s talking about (leaving my arm extended in the water while my other arm is out, which will allow me to glide through the water, etc.).

Up Next:
This week I have a half-marathon, some yoga and more swimming planned! I’m excited to escape the city for the Half in Poughkeepsie (Walkway over the Hudson half-marathon on Saturday!).

2 thoughts on “You’re Stronger Than You Think

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