Triathlon Training Update: week 7 & 8

On Friday, I got this lovely email from the folks at the NYC Triathlon.

30 DAYS!! (technically 4 weeks from yesterday :/)

I think we’re officially in the part of the training where you’re perpetually tired all the time.  Mentally I’m there, I want to do more things..more biking, more swimming. Physically….well, my legs are super tired all the time. I don’t think one rest day is enough. I may need a few.

A lot of good stuff happened this week: I survived an open water swim clinic (ok barely), I got a wet suit, my swimming is better, I biked almost 18 miles and I survived a date but we’ll get to that later.

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past two weeks:

Week 7 – week of June 8
Monday – 55 minute Uplift- Strength class and 45 minute SoulCycle class
Tuesday – rest day
Wednesday – ran 3.76 miles
Thursday – 6.5 mile bike ride then 1 hour of yoga
Friday – 1.5 hours of swimming (half free style laps, other half drills)
Saturday – 13.1 miles at the Walkway Over the Hudson Half-Marathon
Sunday – 1 hour of swim class

Week 8 –  week of June 15
Monday – 45 minute Exhale express barre class then 45 minute class at The Run in Flatiron
Tuesday – 55 minute Uplift-Strength class
Wednesday – 75 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga at the YMCA
Thursday – 45 minutes of swimming (half freestyle and other half drills)
Friday – 17.77 mile bike ride (with a few laps of speed)
Saturday – OPEN WATER SWIM CLINIC (an hour)
Sunday – Queens 10K & 1 hour of swim class

Getting over your fears

I did crew (rowing) for 8 years and I HATED going into the water.  Per crew tradition, if you win a race, they throw the coxswain in. I was a coxswain and I hated being thrown in the water.  Being above water in a boat is a lot less scary than being in the water.

If you remember I skipped out on my first open water swim a few weeks ago. I didn’t have a wet suit and I hadn’t been as swimming as much.  Fast forward three weeks, I’m doing a lot more swimming and my endurance in the pool (while still not great) is better.

On Saturday, I ran to Paragon Sports in Union Square to get a wetsuit.  I tried on two – both a long sleeved one and a sleeveless one.  Both of the suits still went down to the ankles.  I ended up getting the sleeveless one because the other felt too restricting.

I got home, got my towel and other things and ran to the door and took the bus to Brighton Beach, which is next to Coney Island in Brooklyn.

I signed up for the Open Water clinic through the Brooklyn Tri Club and it was half the price of the JackRabbit clinics so that’s nice.  The coach for the clinic is the same coach for my swim class, Coach John.  Around 1:30pm, we met up on the boardwalk and put on our wetsuits and went down to the beach.

In case, you’re wondering…generally people wear what they will be racing in on race day under the wet suit so in my case I was wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts.

We finally got into the water. It is true what they say of the wetsuits as it 1) keeps your warm 2) helps you float.

See those caps out there – that’s the group!

We did some treading and floating and getting used to the suits. Then we started doing drills and swimming.  It was super windy on Saturday and the waves were huge.  We swam against the current and with it.  We did some drills practicing sighting (making sure you’re going in a straight line and not completely off course). I honestly wasn’t doing much sighting because my cheap googles kept fogging up. I did get some decent strokes in.  Every 30 strokes we met up as a group, go through the next drill and do another 30 strokes.

Towards the end the wind picked up and I was too exhausted to do one of the drills. I couldn’t even breathe properly and I was swimming right next to the coach.  Finally he said, that I should get out of the water and relax since it was almost the end of class anyways.

Being in the water in rough water was useful though, I mean I was in the water for about an hour and that was exhausting but also that feeling of getting kicked by other swimmers, waves hitting you in the face, NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE ANYTHING, will all be things I hope don’t happen on race day but probably will.

Overall this past week was great, I got some great training in, I did the open water swim and will be doing another one next weekend plus I went on that date.  I haven’t been on a date in over 2.5 years (and I’ve been single for like 5 minutes).  Did I mention dating and training don’t really go together? I’ll save that for another post.

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