NYC Tri Training Update: Week 9

I took it easy this past week (sorta).  I’m feeling a lot more comfortable in this whole training thing especially the swimming.

Except this past week’s swim clinic was a hot mess.

Week of June 22
Monday – 1 hour Hatha Yoga at the Y
Tuesday – biked 7.62 miles
Wednesday – biked 11 miles in the AM; 1 hour rooftop Zumba in PM
Thursday – rest day
Friday – biked 8.54 miles
Saturday – NYRR Pride 5 mile race & 15 minutes swimming (we’ll get to that below)
Sunday – 45 minutes of swimming & 20 minutes of easy bike riding in the AM; 1 hour swim class PM

Rooftop Zumba!
I got an email two weeks ago about rooftop Zumba. I like dance classes but I don’t love them but it sounded cool so I decided to go.

Last Wednesday was really hot but especially hot because we were on a roof top at 6pm and there was no shade whatsoever.  The event was held at Complete Body on East 57th Street and it was a pretty nice rooftop.

I’m not sure how I ended up in the front row but it happened.  Zumba premiered their “Zumba Extreme” format which was hard but do-able.  I’ve taken Zumba before and the classes are super fast paced. Since there were beginners in class, the amazing instructor, Sam Salazar, slowed some moves down and gave a little bit more instruction than I’m typically used to.

They also had a live DJ playing which made it so much fun. After class, we got some juice and some awesome swag that include a bag with a tank and cool purple tights. 

Sink or Swim…or just get out of the water
Last Saturday, I did another open water swim clinic. I thought last week was bad, well the weather conditions were worse.  It was much more windy, the water was more choppy with more white caps and the waves were double the size. I was freaking out A LOT MORE than I was last week. After about 15 minutes, I got out. The coach agreed the waves were probably the roughest he’d brought a group into (but I think a lot of my group was more experienced).  
Regardless, I felt good afterwards even being in the water for 15 minutes. It was REALLY ROUGH but I got out because I highly doubt the Hudson River will look like open water ocean waves on race day (knocks on wood). I felt bad about quitting but I really don’t think I could handle much more than  that.  
This week the big things on my schedule are more swimming, a brick workout, and a VERY long bike ride upstate, where I’ll be spending my weekend. I’m so excited. 

Any good 4th of July plans?

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