NYC Tri Training Update: Week 10

Summer 2015 feels a lot like college.

Let me explain, I did crew in college (& high school) but outside of class, all I did was workout and go out with friends.

No worries, I’m still responsible but there are too many forces butting heads here (i.e. my social side and the working out side). This might have to do with not being in school right now, just interning (I’ve been known to be very anti-social during law school so this is odd for me).

Last week, I went on two dates, went to happy hour with my coworkers who I haven’t seen in weeks plus went home for the holiday weekend and saw more friends. Oh yea, I got a promotion too. I also got over my fear of biking in NYC traffic and biked all over Brooklyn and into Manhattan to Grand Central.

things I found while exploring New Paltz this weekend

That being said, I’m still training for a triathlon and maybe you could say I’m not entirely 100% focused and kinda distracted.

Week 10 – week of June 29
Monday – biked 45 minutes, 1 hour Strength Training outdoor class with Brooklyn Tri
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – biked 6.09 miles
Thursday – biked 30 minutes
Friday – biked 9 miles to Grand Central (quite hilly) then 21 miles upstate on the Dutchess Rail Trail (very, very flat).
Saturday – rest
Sunday – biked 9.56 miles

As you can tell, I did no swimming. I attempted on Thursday and Sunday to go swimming. I forgot my goggles on Thursday and was strapped for time. Also, I tried to leave Upstate to make swim class at 6pm in the city but I forgot my WALLET in my dad’s car and he didn’t get home until 5pm. So I waited for him.

Not swimming for a week has me freaking out a bit.  I went swimming yesterday and today with my new Sable goggles and they are amazing. My swim coach recommended them for me and they don’t leak and I can actually see things in the pool. It’s amazing.

Dutchess Rail Trail

On the property of Vanderbilt mansion


I probably took one too many rest days last week and ate too many things on the 4th of July (like literally all the ribs my dad would grill for me) but no regrets. The food was delicious and the trip was relaxing (even for that very fast 21 miles on the rail trail). 

I wasn’t planning on another open water swim this weekend but I may do one since it’s the last weekend before the triathlon. I haven’t decided yet.  I’m really scared but excited about the race and ready to start running again and training for the NYC Marathon, which training starts on Monday. 
Oh the things I find in New Paltz 

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