NYC Tri Training: Week 11

There’s 6 days until the NYC Triathlon! AHHHHHHH!

I’m weirdly excited/scared/happy/terrified/etc. about it.  Oddly the last week of triathlon training overlaps with the first week of NYC Marathon training.

motivation 😉

After last week’s post, I changed my mind last minute and signed up for the NYRR virtual trainer.  It’s actually pretty cool to use.  You can move workouts around, add races in, etc. Clearly I have to move things around because of the Tri so I won’t be adhering too strictly to it this week.

Anyway’s here’s my weekly recap:

Monday – 30 minutes swimming

I finally got my new Sable goggles so I had to try them out.  I was absolutely exhausted from the 4th of July weekend but went for a quick 30 minute swim.

Tuesday – Brick = 45 minutes of swimming then 7.8 miles biking

I finally upgraded from the slow to medium lane and kept doing laps (mostly due to the fast people in my lane who kept pushing to do more laps).  My legs were still pretty tired from the weekend before.

Wednesday – 1 hour yoga class at Yoga to the People

Friend date! I met up with my friend from college, Shelly, who’s a full-time nurse and a yoga instructor on the side, at yoga.  This class was hard.  I haven’t done yoga in a few weeks.  My arms were actually burning for days after the workout.

After yoga, we went to Maharlika because filipino food after yoga is always a good idea.

Thursday – Brick = 6 mile bike ride, 40 mins swimming, 2.6 bike ride

Arms were so angry with me even a day after yoga.  Spent the night making dinner anyways and it was delicious.

Friday – biked 15.77 miles (7 to coney island, 8.7 back)

I was going to take it easy because I had to pick up my mom from the airport and drive her upstate that evening. It was a decent trip down to Coney Island but coming back in the middle of the afternoon was rough.  It was so hot out.

Not pictured: the chili dog, fried clams, italian ice and gatorade I ate for lunch. 😀

Saturday – 1.5 hrs open water swim

So every other triathlete in the area had the same thought I did – last minute swim clinic! Every clinic I looked at had been booked up for a while. I was on the waitlist for a few including Empire Tri club.  Since I finally got into the Jackrabbit class the night before, I left upstate at 6:50am, made it back to Brooklyn in time to grab my wetsuit and get on the bus to Brighton Beach.

The water was finally calm (well, calmer than it was weeks ago).  It was such a good swim.  I finally figured out that whole sighting thing (breathe, sight, breathe, sight, etc.).  The open water swim clinic was with my swim coach but this was definitely geared towards newbies.  I felt way more comfortable in the water despite being exhausted from the commute down.

After the clinic, I spent the afternoon on the beach and exploring Coney Island. Did you guys know Smorgasborg is in Coney Island too?!

legs that aren’t confined to a wetsuit!

smorgaborg and art in coney island


Sunday – biked 15 miles in total with a 1 hour swim in middle

My friend Sarah, who’s the founder of Outdoorfest, told me about CIBBOWS last week. She’s also done the NYC Tri before and luckily I inherited some of her triathlon gear.  CIBBOWS is an group that does open water swims together.  They also host a few races and clinics during the season.

A quarter to 9am on Sunday, I met up with my friend Kress, who’s doing the bike portion of the NYC Tri as a relay team, and biked down to Coney Island/Brighton Beach. We got a little lost but ended up making it right at 10am for the swim.

It was a casual group of swimmers. I got into my wetsuit and got in the water with Sarah.  This would be my first open water swim without a coach.  Sarah is super fast so I couldn’t really keep up with her. We did a little over a lap – the first half of which was against the current and was SO HARD.  It’s basically the same feeling as being on a treadmill, you’re pushing but you’re not going anywhere.  I think we did over a mile and half but were in the water for about an hour.

After the swim, we stopped by a Russian restaurant for food! Did you know that Russian pirogies are fried!?

white cod with potatoes – so simple but so good

cheese blintzes! 


These are NOT pirogies, these are potato vernikas

After brunch, we all biked home.  It wasn’t as brutal going back compared to Friday afternoon’s bike ride.  I was trying to save my energy for my last swim class on the way back.  Except, I didn’t make it. I took a nap and woke up with acid reflux? My stomach area was really hurting but it wasn’t food poisoning (it also could do with the fact that I love cheese but I’m lactose intolerant and I ate cheese blintzes). 

Overall, it was a good week. I think I may have overdone it with training this weekend. I was just so tired at work today.  I feel a lot better about the swim but I’m still a bit worried.  
I’ve been reading some good blog posts and recaps on the NYC Tri.  Here’s my list so far:
Who’s doing the NYC Triathlon this weekend?! WHO’S FREAKING OUT LIKE I AM? Who has done it before and what is your top tip?

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