A "Well-thy" Weekend in the Hamptons

Who knew that a random idea at a restaurant opening would turn into an awesome weekend? 

This past weekend, I went to the Hamptons with my friend Lynette from Life is Better in Yoga Pants and our friend Michelle.  The three of us planned this at a restaurant opening a few weeks ago. A few days before we headed out east, Lynette scored us invites to Women’s Health “Well-thy” Home event and Feed 10 kick off event.

So I’ve never actually been to the Hamptons despite living in NYC for almost 4 years. We headed out east Friday afternoon. I had no idea it would be this packed so I was sitting on the floor of the LIRR on the way out for a 2-hour trip. When we got there, we explored the share house for a bit before heading out for dinner and drinks.

On Saturday morning, we got up bright and early to get to Montauk, which was a 40 minute drive from our house. When we got there, we ate some breakfast before settling in for roof top yoga.

All in balance – not picture all the coffee, juice and snack bars you could eat

boat pose – not my favorite

After yoga, I grabbed some cocktails which had a tea based mixer. It was so good.

After grabbing some snacks, we headed outside of the house for Keri Gassman’s nutrition talk on “cleansing.”  I love her platform that we should eat foods to feel empowered.  Her idea of cleansing was more about eating good, healthy foods and less about juicing [which typically comes to my mind when I hear “cleanse”].  We also got to try out some healthy recipes of hers.

The back of the house! we did rooftop yoga on it! 

Up next was a workout with Heidi Powell of the show “Extreme Weight Loss.” Except I totally got my hair and make up done with Glamsquad instead.  They had the braid & make up bar going all day as well as those cocktails I had earlier. I never wear my hair in braids or get my make up done so this was a treat.

Kinda glad I stayed in and skipped the workout because 1) it was hot 2) I got my make up done #priorities. 
Next up was a lecture on how to grow your own herbs!

Then lunch!

It was so good. I wanted seconds but I was so full.  The little cake on the left was my favorite!

We wrapped the day up with one more session on creating a healthy home space with James Houston and finally got our goodie bags!

We took a cab back to the house and laid out by the pool before the Run 10 Feed 10 kick off event. 

all the selfies.

hey open bar
you can’t beat a private beach in the Hamptons at sunset
Such a gorgeous event. I can finally see why everyone loves the Hamptons. 


I did a terrible job of taking pics but if you watch Orange is the New Black, that’s Taryn Manning DJing at the event. 

Behind Taryn, is another OITNB cast member, Laura Prepon (in the black dress behind her). I loved this event and whole day.

The next morning, because I was so exhausted, I finally rolled out of bed around 11:30am and went directly to the pool for a few hours until brunch in Sag Harbor, which is a cute little town, before getting back on the train to the city that evening.

coffe + mimosas |||| photo cred: Michelle
went all out! You can kinda see the side of wings we ordered 😛


It was such a good weekend. I definitely need more visits to the Hamptons soon!

[thanks for getting us the WH tix, Lynette!]

What’s your favorite summer trip/getaway? Have you all been to the Hamptons?

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