NYC Marathon Training weeks 5 – 7

The start of week 5 of training, after spending 10 weeks interning, I went back to my full-time job. Then after an AMAZING summer, I started school last Monday.

It’s been busy but there’s a new found focus and energy. I’m feeling really good about life. I’m excited about what the fall has in store for me.  If this past week of school and this weekend are any indication, I’m ready to rock life right now.

Just not marathon training.


If you think you’re doing a bad job with marathon training, I’m here to help you feel less bad.

I’ve been hating on running since the start of this training cycle. I did so much running at the beginning of summer through the end of June, then fell of the wagon right around the triathlon (which was the end of first week of training) and have been struggling on getting back into my running groove.

On the bright side, I’m doing more training than I did last year. I’m also following a very conservative training plan, essentially all my long runs until 3 weeks before the marathon are 11-15 miles long, which isn’t bad.  My longest run planned is 20 miles and that is 3 weeks before the race.

I completely fell off the wagon right as school started last year and had no excuse for the weeks leading up to school (like doing a triathlon). I’ve done two marathons before and the first cycle, I overtrained and got injured. Last year, I completely undertrained and did not get injured but ran way slower than when I did get injured during the Philly Marathon.  I’m trying to find a healthy balance of keeping my strength and getting my long runs/endurance in but also staying on top of work and school.

So right now, given my time constraints and need for balance, here’s my recap of the past 3 weeks: 

Week 5 – Week of August 10
Monday – 50 minute Exceed class
Tuesday – 55 minute Uplift Strength class
Wednesday – 1 hour Hip Hop yoga class at Y7
Thursday – rest day
Friday – 1 hour Orangetheory class
Saturday – rest day
Sunday – 1 hour SUP yoga class

Week 6 – Week of August 17
Monday – 45 minute Mile High Run Club class & 45 minute Boxing Burnout class at Overthrow Boxing
Tuesday – 45 minute Ring Work at Overthrow Boxing
Wednesday – rest day
Thursday – 45 minute Boxing Burnout class at Overthrow Boxing & 1 hour yoga class with Spot Yoga
Friday – rest day
Saturday – 10 mile run
Sunday – 1 hour yoga class at Yoga to the People

the view from Spot Yoga

Week 7 – week of August 24
Monday – rest day
Tuesday – rest day
Wednesday – rest day
Thursday – rest day
Friday  – 4 mile run in the am & Ring Work at Overthrow Boxing
Saturday – France 8k Run
Sunday – 4 mile run

In case you’re wondering, I’m very obsessed with Overthrow. All thanks to Lynette.  They are on Classpass and FitReserve [check my post & referral link here].

Also, as you can see, I am loving yoga lately. Really helps me relax and recover after running or a hard workout.

Week 8 game plan
Tomorrow is exactly 2 months until the NYC marathon. So time to get it together.

Since this weekend is a 3-day weekend, which means more time to recover from long runs and do homework, I’ll be doing 13 miles.  Hopefully it cools down before Saturday.

Also, this is a lot of workouts given my schedule but one of my classes isn’t meeting this week SO ALL THE WORKOUTS.

Monday – 45 minute Dash 28 class at MHRC & 1 hr Tabata class at Equinox
Tuesday – 30 minute The Rise circuit class
Wednesday – 1 hour yoga class with Spot Yoga & Dash 28 at MHRC
Thursday – 50 minute Refine Method class
Friday – 4 miles & 45 minute boxing class at Overthrow Boxing
Saturday – 13 miles
Sunday – 55 minute Sculpt Fusion at Uplift

How are you all handling training? Are you getting the long runs in? 

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