Week 10+11: NYC Marathon training update

There are officially 5 weeks left until the NYC Marathon. To me, training so far has been going really well until this week.

I’m much more of a realist than someone who is really positive all the time but I’m trying.  Life is “awesome and terrifying and fun and scary and crazy” and has taught me so much in the last two weeks. 

life lesson #1: “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

Every fall it’s the same story, it’s just so busy. I personally love being busy.  But I also love and hate the unexpected. Some unexpected things are a win (spent two hours on the subway last Tuesday, only to find out when I got to the hearing that the judge granted my case – win!). Some things are just amusing (messages from exes – yes, entertaining. especially when they’re in a relationship).  Some things are just…life. 

family brunch for my mom’s birthday

What I expected to do this weekend was just do a lot of homework and studying, a dumpling eating contest and do the Bronx 10 miler.  Instead I ended up going home Thursday night to see my grandmother.  She had a heart attack Wednesday night and a triple bypass on Thursday.  The surgeon kept saying its a miracle she’s doing so well given the extent of the injuries.

Looking on the bright side, despite spending lots of time at the hospital, I saw some family I haven’t seen in what feels like forever.  Including 3 cousins who are now like grown men (they used to be half my height…what happened?!). Besides, I think my new running shoes are making my achilles tendonitis worse so I probably shouldn’t have been running this week anyways given the amount of pain I was in while walking. Yes, my training is kinda off track but 80 percent of the work/training has been done already. I just have to make it to the start line.

Speaking of training, here’s my training update:
Week 10
Monday – 55 minute Strength class at Uplift
Tuesday – 2 mile run, 30 minute circuit class with The Rise, and 55 minute Sculpt Fusion class at Uplift
Wednesday – rest day
Thursday- 45 minute DASH 28 class at Mile High Run Club
Friday – 1 hr class at Sky Ting Yoga
Saturday – 13.85 miles? or 13.1? Verrazano Half Marathon (aka half #15 done)
Sunday – 3 mile run nada

Week 11
Monday – 50 minute class at Exceed
Tuesday – 2 miles to/from The Rise, 30 minute workout with The Rise in the AM, then 55 minute Strength Uplift class
Wednesday – hour long beginner yoga at Yoga Shanti
Thursday – run 3 miles nada
Friday – run 8 miles one hour vinyasa class at Hudson River Yoga in Poughkeepsie
Saturday – 45 minute boxing class & dumping eating contest one hour pilates class at CoreBodies in Poughkeepsie
Sunday – NYRR Bronx 10mile + 2 more miles for an even 12 miles

lesson #2:  Listen to your gut

I’m channeling so much Olivia Pope right now, it’s ridiculous.

“Look at the evidence then follow your gut.”  I trust my gut. Sometimes you just know something and there’s no evidence to back it up. You just know. 
For example, I was telling my roommate before I left to go home Thursday about one of my favorite grandma stories.  She once asked me in her very thick Filipino accent if my boyfriend at the moment was “the one.” First of all, it was an odd question of her to ask me at the time. Secondly, I didn’t answer because deep down I knew the answer was no and this was two years before we actually broke up (clearly sometimes, I also like to ignore my gut). 
What drives me crazy about intuition is when the outcome doesn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it to or you know something is supposed to work but it’s not for some reason.  This is happening to me right now and I’m so confused. 

lesson #3: Take the risk. No regrets.

I entered the food eating contest (that I was supposed to do this past Saturday but couldn’t) and some of the contestants were interviewed as part of a PR campaign. They asked me life motto and I hesitated.  Like what words do I live by? I said something about YOLO and maybe always taking a chance.  

Sometimes its hard advice to listen to when fear gets in the way. Or you take the risk based on your intuition and it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.  But I’d rather know something and put it behind me than wonder “what if.”

The week’s intention
I’ve been all kinds of distracted the past two weeks so it’s time to really freaking focus – there is a marathon, two midterms and a whole hell of a lot work to accomplish in the next five weeks.

What are your goals for the week? How is everyone’s marathon training going?

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