The Post-Marathon Life

It’s been 4 weeks since the NYC Marathon. After all of the marathon madness, I actually thought life would settle down a bit….

JUST KIDDING it hasn’t.

The Workouts
I wasn’t in too much pain post-marathon but my workouts since then have generally been low-key (read: no long runs).  Only a handful of runs (all 3 miles or less), a bunch of workouts at both Uplift Studios and Exceed Physical Culture and some yoga. It’s nice to NOT be training for something for the first time in 8+ months. It’s also nice to workout with friends and not worry about trying to fit a 13+ mile run into your schedule.

I was REALLY looking forward to the relative quietness of post-marathon life. I really was.  At least up until the crunch before finals (that is right now).

my current life status (photo credit)

And the theme is…

If you been following along, there’s a theme of my life lately and maybe of 2015, which can only be described as “just light the rule book on fire and toss it out the window.”

Post-marathon, I’ve been on a bunch of dates. And for once, I’m actually having fun doing this dating thing.  Then again, I did go on the WORST date of my life two weeks ago. Regardless, I’m in finals mode so we’re all about the studying right now.

Moving on….

There’s this phenomena that happens after a really busy time.  It tends to happen after a seriously busy period where you stop feeling things, and you just go into hyperactivity mode. After that mode, there’s a calm and that calm makes me re-evaluate things.

The last time this happened, well….you remember what happened.

Life updates
In my marathon recap I said how the NYC marathon would be the last….at least for a while.

If you didn’t know I’m in law school part-time and working full-time (in addition to a bunch of other things.) For a while I had been thinking of switching to the full-time program (which is a lot of $$$$) but haven’t because $$$.

The relative quietness of the post-marathon craziness made me realize that I need to just focus 110% on law school.  Plus this is the last chance to make graduation for May 2017 instead of May 2018. If I’m going to jump, it’s going to be right now.  So I jumped.

I resigned from my job last week and will be going to school full-time next semester. Of course, there were a ton of hoops to jump through, like rearranging an entire schedule and petitioning to graduate early. All of this caused some unneeded stress in the past few weeks.  This all speeds up my timeline a full-year earlier, like having to take the bar exam and interviewing for jobs, which scare me but it’s kinda exciting too.

let the countdown begin! 

I’m working through December 31.  I ended up at that job because I had essentially pulled the same thing almost 5 years ago. I was doing my masters part-time and working full-time until it was too much to bear so I started interning at the company that I’m now employed at.  It’s a bit crazy to be leaving a job that I had been at for almost 5 years (and to be leaving for the same reason why I ended up at the job in the first place.)

This all throws my race schedule into disarray. I was supposed to do the Sedona Half-Marathon in February and the Paris Marathon in April. I now can’t do those because of the law school clinic I’m in which doesn’t allow for any time off. The NYC Triathlon in July seems a bit crazy considering I’ll be interning and doing summer classes too.

Regardless, I’m excited. Here’s to topping off 2015 with ALL the life changes. So much for a quiet post-marathon life.

3 thoughts on “The Post-Marathon Life

  1. Congrats on committing to doing law school full time! I've been thinking of making the jump but decided against it (because of the $$, womp womp).

    It sounds like you're KILLING at life right now. Best of luck on finals!


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