Miami Half-Marathon 2016 recap

I’m not sure how this post ended up being 3 weeks late.  I’m currently in week 6 of a 15 week semester and I’m still learning how to manage my time between two boards, a full load of law school classes, a fellowship and a social life, let alone working out and blogging.  But here is my recap…FINALLY.

So this was my second time doing this race, you can read my first recap from two years ago here.

Thanks to snowstorm Jonas, we ended up leaving a day earlier than expected, on Friday instead of Saturday, the day before the race. Since we got into Miami after the expo ended, we went to the expo Saturday afternoon.  It was pretty crazy as they always say avoid going to the expo the day before. The expo was held in the art district, Wynwood, part of Miami. It was quite the trek (easy by Uber) since it wasn’t super close like two years ago on South Beach.

view from our hotel room

You definitely notice all the art around the area when you get out of the car, which made it really unique. I’ve been to Miami so many times in the past few years but had never actually been to this part of Miami.  The art was definitely a highlight of bib pick up, as well as all the food trucks! So good.

from one of the food trucks – crab cakes!

The next morning, we left the hotel dressed for 60 degree weather (meaning dress for 15 degrees warmer than expected [75 degrees]) except it was 45 degrees out (WHOA!). I was so cold.  We jogged to the start line which took about 10-15 minutes.  The race started at 6:00am and I finally started running around 6:15am.

What I loved about this race is that they changed the course! It was essentially an out-and-back course. That took you over the “causeway” (essentially a long bridge that takes you from downtown Miami to South Beach where we ran down Ocean Drive and looped back around to the causeway.  For this stretch from mile 1 through mile 11 are some gorgeous views of the beach and the skyline.

Miles 11-13 are the less exciting and less scenic views of the city but still part of the original half-marathon course I ran two years ago.

After I finally finished, there was a long line for medals. I might have waited about 10 minutes for the medal…but it was worth it.

It was unseasonably cold in Miami so I was incredibly sad that there were no heat blankets post-race.

Because it was so cold, it was pretty hard to drink the FREE post-race iced cold beers.

Overall, I love the new course and new expo location and the vibe of the Miami Half-Marathon.  It’s pretty much a must-run winter race for anyone looking for a destination race to run.

One thought on “Miami Half-Marathon 2016 recap

  1. We happen to meet a great people there and started to chat with them and drink w/them too. I had a great time here, glad we found this place by accident. Will definitely come to these venues again as anyone will make this a regular spot easily.


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