Spring cleaning – Brooklyn Half training week 1

I’m not sure where the time has gone but the semester is flying by! I’m post-spring break so cue the freakout over finals (in 6 weeks but still….).  Life has been crazy busy but I’m ready to get back on the running train!

Although I’ve ran the Brooklyn Half for 3 years in a row (you can find my recaps here), I’m focusing on this one being my goal race.  I signed up for this race back when it opened in January (sold out in less than an hour!).  Thanks to a large class credit I had at JackRabbit I also signed up for a 10-week training class.

Here’s the thing….I really haven’t been running. I ran the Miami Half in late January but hadn’t run since then for whatever reason (insert excuses about law school, life, cold weather, etc.).  I’ve done my fair share of strength training, HITT, etc. through FitReserve over the winter and feel pretty strong otherwise.

To get ready for training (in a group setting no less), my workouts this month consisted of:

2/29 – Aqua Zumba (read my review!)
3/1 – Sculpt Fusion at Uplift
3/4 – ran 4.32 miles

3/8 – Sculpt Fusion at Uplift
3/9 – ran 4 miles
3/10 – Strength at Uplift then 45 minute beginner pilates class
3/11 – walked two miles (bc of tight calf issues)
3/13 – ran 4.25 miles

Week 1 – week of 3/14
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 40 minutes of Intermediate Pilates & ran 3.18 miles at 8:43 pace

Wednesday – ran 3.58 miles with the JackRabbit Half-Training group
Thursday – Sculpt Fusion at Uplift
Friday – ran 1.8 miles
Saturday – ran 4.93 miles at a 9:31 pace
Sunday – rest

Group training!
I personally hate running with people but I find I really do push myself harder in a group.  As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be training with the 10-week JackRabbit Half-Marathon group.  Our first workout was last Wednesday and it was fun (I did want to die at the end but I blame that on stomach issues).

There are 2 workouts a week with the group and a few that you do on your own. The two workouts consist of one speed workout then a long run.  I didn’t do my long run (5 miles) with the group this past weekend because of scheduling issues.

Since I might be doing a half-marathon the weekend of my birthday (April 15), I may be tacking on some extra miles to my long runs in the next couple of weeks so we’ll see!

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