Brooklyn Half training – week 2

I’ll admit last week got away from me. I took one too many rest days. School just got out of control but I successfully did a fartlek workout for the first time in months!

Mondayrest day
Tuesday3 miles rest day

I ended up at school way longer than expected…at least there was real mango mochi involved.

Wednesday4.89 miles at 8:49 pace | consisted of 8x 200 meters at 5K pace with warm up & cool down run + strength for 10 minutes

I still have a fear of group running but I managed to do this workout without puking everywhere.  My stomach wasn’t feeling it but I got through it.  The park was PACKED so it made for an interesting (read: crowded) workout. 

ThursdayStrength at Uplift rest day

Friday 1.5 miles running & 45 minutes of Pilates 

Saturday6 miles at a 9:17 pace

I’ve been crazy tired all week and it took me hours to actually get myself to run but it finally happened. I ran a part of Riverside Park along the West Side Highway. The last time I was right in this area was the NYC Triathlon. It’s so crazy to think I swam in the Hudson River back in July. 

Sunday 3.6 miles but I have no idea what pace

My legs were so tired and my calves, especially the left one gets tight so often.  I’ve been trying to add in more foam rolling to keep the tightness at bay.

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