Brooklyn Half Training: weeks 3 – 8

LOL at training….I was doing so well for a few weeks then the semester caught up with me.

I’m not sure where the time has gone. April was crazy and clearly got away from me but between school (end of the semester insanity with finals) and life, I just haven’t had time to blog! (or really even be on Instagram or any social media platform).

Since April hit, I pretty much threw myself into law school more so than I have in the past so the running hasn’t been that great.  The most significant running I’ve done was actually the More/Shape Half-Marathon 2 days after my birthday. But also I got a Fitbit Charge with the heart rate monitor so if I’m not working out I’m at least trying to make sure I hit 10k steps a day.  Since getting the Fitbit, I have to say I’m surprised by how much sitting I do at school just studying.

Luckily for me, my last final was Monday afternoon. My internship and summer classes don’t start until June 2 so I’ve got 3 weeks to chill and I’m so excited not to be sitting in the library studying (so excited that I did 5 workouts within 24 hours of finishing finals!). I’ll be in St. Lucia next week and will be back just in time for the Brooklyn Half.  Although I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be for the race, I’m pretty excited to do it. It’s always a fun race to run (hopefully no rain this year!).

Week 3 – week of 3/28
Monday – 50 minute class at Exceed
Wednesday – ran 5.46 miles which included 10 hill repeats of cat hill, strength right after for 10 minutes then a 1.46 mile cool down run
Thursday Exceed

Week 4 – week of 4/4
Tuesday Sculpt Fusion at Uplift
Wednesday – 5.82 miles around the Central Park Reservoir
Sunday – ran 4.39 miles

Week 5 – week of 4/11
Monday Exceed
Thursday Sculpt Fusion at Uplift 
Friday – my birthday! ran 1.61 miles before Strength at Uplift 
Sunday – 13.1 Miles at the More/Shape Half-Marathon

brunch after half-marathon #18
Birthday dinner!

I basically treated the half like another training run. It was hot and hilly and it wasn’t my best time. My GPS app was also incredibly off. It said I had ran 9 miles when really I was only 7 miles in 😦

Week 6 – week of 4/18
Wednesday – ran 2 miles
Friday  Exceed
Sunday Endurance at Uplift 

Week 7 – week of 4/25
Wednesday- 3 miles running and some ab work
Friday Strength at Uplift 

I was in a simulation trial class this semester and trial was on Thursday of this week.  I was such a nervous hot mess over it. So I went running super late the night before and got 4 hours of sleep. I just such a mess but I survived the trial!

Week 8 – week 5/2
Monday Exceed
Wednesday Sculpt Fusion at Uplift before my Evidence Final
Thursday Power at Uplift
Friday 45 minute spin class at Swerve and Uplift Express

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