Onward and upward

Time has been going way too fast. I want to hit the brakes on how fast time is going. I remember every semester of law school so vividly. I can remember the first week of school starting back in August. Now a semester has gone by. Classes are over. Finals are almost done. Interviews are over.

Without a doubt, this was the most difficult semester of school. From start to finish, I took on too much work and didn’t expect to be interviewing as much as I did. The amount of stress I was under this semester doesn’t even compare to even first-year of law school.  (Everyone says first year is the hardest – academically it is).

The job search has given me a lot of anxiety about post-graduation plans. Yet so many lawyers I’ve worked with keep saying to calm down, it’s only December.  They keep telling me to be patient and that it will all work out.  I’m slowly but surely starting to take their advice.


Now that the semester is almost over (last final on MONDAY!) and I’ll be leaving for Asia (Japan & the Philippines) on Tuesday and will be out of the country until mid-January, I’m calming down a bit.  Next semester is my last semester of law school and I want to enjoy that. I will soon have 4 (yes 4!) degrees so I want to enjoy the last semester of school ever.

Maybe it’s helped that I have so much to look forward to: this trip to Asia (I haven’t been since 2001), the last semester of law school, graduation, 3 half-marathons (Cebu, Philippines on January 8th, the NYC Half Marathon on March 17th, and the SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon on April 30th.

Since my finals are all spread out, I’ve been working out a lot again.  In the past two weeks, I’ve worked out 13x which is a shock. And I’m almost half-way through with Swerve’s Holiday Hustle challenge!

What are you looking forward to? The holidays? Half-marathons?


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