The fall semester is finally over. My last final (employment law) was Monday night. Yesterday, I found out that I passed the New York Law Exam (one of the many requirements NY places on bar applicants). I finally finished the Swerve Holiday Hustle Challenge. Also, I’m writing to you all from a plane on the way to Tokyo, currently on hour 10 of a 12 hour flight. IMG_0280.JPG

I moved to NYC over 5 years ago and the longest I’ve been away has been a week and half.  I’m left NYC last night and won’t be back until the weekend before classes start (classes start 1/17/17).  It’s a little insane to me to be off the grid and not see any of my close friends for all of this time but I am so excited to get away.

I’m so ready for some new adventures and new stories. The first stop is Tokyo then Kyoto back to Tokyo then Manila then Cebu then back to Manila. Getting away doesn’t solve all the problems but it sure does give me perspective on things.  It’s hard to get perspective when you’re so deep in trenches of everyday life in the city.  I think if the past few weeks have shown me perspective really comes from a few things like time, things happening and just getting away.

Speaking of getting away, I’m watching The Holiday for the second time today because this is so relevant to my life right now haha. (Someone just send a Jude Law look alike to me in Manila or Tokyo please!). I can’t tell you how excited I was to find the movie on the plane. I’ve been wanting to watch it for weeks. I used to have a copy in college but I’m not sure where it went. Oh well!

Time to go! They’re serving the second meal of this flight maybe I’ll have some wine with this meal?! #vacation





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