Island Hopping: A Introduction – Japan & the Philippines

Three and half weeks is a long time to be away from home. I left NYC the night of December 20th and didn’t come back until really late on January 14th. It was an amazing trip and exactly what I needed. But I did find myself missing NYC. 

Mt. Fuji

So Japan and the Philippines…did I have a favorite city? Yes, Tokyo. As my 10-year-old cousin pointed out, she prefers Japan over the Philippines because it’s cleaner LOL. I couldn’t agree more. Japan is clean, efficient, calm (even in Tokyo where there’s a ton of people around) whereas the Philippines is just a hot mess – loud, dirty and hot. Japan is the complete opposite of the Philippines but both are amazing in their own rights. 

Here are my very condensed versions of what I ate, visited, saw and did on my island hopping adventures:

Cebu, The Philippines

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