Island Hopping: Metro Manila

Unlike Tokyo, Manila doesn’t seem to be that tourist friendly.  It’s not a walking city the way Tokyo or NYC is and you need a car. Luckily, my cousins drove us everywhere. We also left Manila for a few days to go to my mom’s hometown and then also went to a resort.

Things I did while I was there…

Drove to Camaya Coast (well my cousin drove us)

It’s three hours to Camaya Coast but it’s a gorgeous resort getaway near Manila. It’s not crowded like other resorts I’ve been to and it feels secluded. They have a few pools including an infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

A visit to the University of Santo Tomas in Manila (my mom’s alma mater and one of the oldest universities in the Philippines) 

Yoga at Beyond Yoga MOA (Mall of Asia) with Myke (who is amazing and I loved this class!)


Shopping at the Mall of Asia

This is definitely the biggest mall I’ve ever been to. There’s a ton of shopping choices, salons, fast food places and restaurants. I got a facial, and had lunch and some halo-halo here. Then went to yoga. Also, it has great views of Manila Bay.


A trip to “the province”

We went to the province to drop off my Grandma for a few days.  Saying “the province” seems a lot like saying you’re going upstate (aka upstate = province = middle of nowhere?). It was a looonngggg drive.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.02.13 PM.png

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