the self-care semester

Ever since I got back from Asia nearly a month ago, it’s been weird. The semester started off reaaaaaaallly slow then all of a sudden picked up in the middle of nowhere.  I got sick right after I got back and even ended up in the ER at one point (I’m totally fine now). Either way, I finally figured it out this semester just needs to be about self-care.

The thing about law school is that you get consumed by it – mock trial competitions, the interviews, the networking events, etc. It just consumes you. And 5 semesters later, e as you’re about to put law school behind you, you realize that you haven’t been taking care of yourself as well as you’d like to think.

And I’m not just talking about working out and eating right, but all the rest of it – friendships and relationships. Sometimes you just need to walk away from people who are so incredibly miserable in their own lives because you don’t want to be taken down with them. Usually I can handle friends like that but in a recent case, I just can’t deal any longer.

So this semester is all about self-care. I have the easiest workload this semester in comparison to the other semesters so I’ve just been focusing doing things that I love and finding the time to hang out with awesome people.

For the past two weeks, my workouts have looked like this plus I started doing Shakeology again in an effort to be healthy again. I usually have it once a day -mostly at breakfast. I definitely notice a difference in the way my clothes fit and my appetite.

1/27 – 45 minute spin class at flywheel

1/29 – 3 mile run, 18 minute workout (did a 7 minute workout 2.5x with my roommate on this app she found on her phone)

1/30-45 minute spin class at swerve 

1/31- 45 minute spin class at swerve 

2/1- 30 minutes of Blogilates pilates videos

Despite the fact that I was in Florida with gorgeous weather, I ended up doing these videos in the hotel room.


2/2 – 30 minutes of Blogilates pilates videos

2/3- 30 minutes of pylo extreme (Got the DVDs a few years ago and when it’s too cold out, it’s a good substitute as a workout)

2/4- 45 minute spin class at swerve & CorePower Yoga w/ Well + Good

My legs were so incredibly sore after CorePower Yoga that I’m not sure how I made it through spin class but the goodie bag was amazing – a new water bottle and a bunch of awesome snacks.


2/5 – ran 3 miles 

2/6 – 45 minute spin class at swerve

2/7 – 30 minute pylo workout (another 21 day fix extreme video)

2/9 – 30 minute cardio fix extreme

Snow day! So I worked out inside!


2/10 – 45 minute spin class at swerve

2/12 – 45 minute spin class at swerve & 45 minute running class at Mile High Run Club (about 35 minutes of running and 10 minutes of kettle bell and body strength moves)

How do you guys do self-care?

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