New things & old things

This past week was relatively quiet now that my moot court competition is out of the way but of course, it’s about to get busy again (a midterm next week and a trip to Chicago).  So I took advantage of the downtime by seeing some old friends, falling back in love with yoga and trying new things.

In the past week, I’ve taken three yoga classes (which is a lot for me!).  Back when I lived in Boston six years ago, I was obsessed with yoga.  Now…not so much. I’ll go once in a while.  I’ve started running again because the NYC Half is a few weeks away, so yoga is really important for my physical and mental well-being. I’m going to try to go at least once a week from now until the bar exam.

Also with the downtime, I got the chance to try new things like climbing.  I bought a Groupon last spring for a climbing class at Brooklyn Boulders.  The Groupon was about to expire so I finally used it!

Learn the Ropes

I’ve actually been to Brooklyn Boulders a bunch of times but never to climb – to take yoga classes. Learn the Ropes is their introduction to climbing class.  It’s two hours long and there were 2 instructors, Stacie and Kayla, for the 10 attendees in class.

I would say that 75% of the class is all about top-roping and belaying. At first, it odd to me because we spent so much time at the beginning learning how to the tie ropes but eventually it made a lot of sense to me (the knots are so important!). We grabbed partners and did a lot of practicing on the ground of the different calls one would make if they were climbing before actually getting to do it.

Photo credit: Brooklyn Boulders

Then we moved on to learning the auto-belay walls (you don’t need a partner!) and a short discussion of bouldering.  Overall, it was a really well-run and a well-organized class and I love BB’s vibe and community. The instructors were knowledgeable and friendly.

Of course, I ran into three old friends when I was there so apparently this is the place to be.  If I find time this week, I definitely want to use my day pass (yes it came with the class!) to get belay certified (which you need to get to belay at BB). I have to say that I kinda love climbing (and it’s near my apartment!).

Photo credit

What’s included with the class: gear (shoes + harness), day pass to come back (includes gear). Day passes include access to group fitness like yoga! Bring a lock to lock up your things in a locker!

In addition to climbing and yoga, I worked out a ton this week:

Monday 2/13 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve & 1.5 hour level 2/3 yoga class at Yogamaya

Tuesday 2/14 – 50 minute workout at SLT in Soho

post-SLT/pre-class breakfast

Wednesday 2/15 – 4 mile run in the AM & 2 blogilates videos (saddlebags & ultimate 2016 ab workout) in the PM

Thursday 2/16 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve in the AM & Blogilates vidoes (Goodbye Muffin top ,Complete Arms Workout & Butt workout) in the PM

spinning with my law school wife – the peanut butter one (on the left) is mine!

Friday 2/17 – 4 mile run in the AM & Blogilates videos (6 min to sexy abs & 6 min to sexy booty & Build a Booty Workout & Complete Arms Workout….I know…these video names are ridiculous but such a good workout!)

Saturday 2/18 – blogilates video (Happy Hard Core Abs) before a 2 hour Learn the Ropes class at Brooklyn Boulders in the AM & 5.72 miles running in the PM

Sunday 2/19 – 3.2 mile run in the AM & 1.5 hour level 2 class at Yogamaya in the PM

Monday 2/20 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve & a one hour level 2 class at Yogamaya

How did you spend this long weekend? Have you guys tried climbing? 


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