A week in workouts – week of 2/20

I started doing #BBG on Friday because there’s a one week free trial for the app called Sweat.  Kayla Itsines is famous for her Bikini Body Guide (BBG).  The app starts you off at “beginner training week 1” and goes all the way until BBG week 76.  So every week the workouts get harder.  The app is pretty cool.  The workouts are effective but I had assumed it was a video workout, instead the app gives you videos of her doing the workout but she isn’t doing any talking in the app.

img_1908The BBG plan as I can tell thus far allows you to track your workouts – resistance (essentially body weight workouts), cardio (2 types LISS [ low intensity steady state] & HITT [high intensity interval training]]), recovery and a challenge. The plan calls for 3 days of resistance training (28 minute workouts = 2 7 minute circuits that alternate each other) and 3 days of cardio with a rest day.

So far I like it but I do love classes and appreciate actual workout videos where someone is motivating you (even if it is recorded for thousands of people to watch).  I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll keep the app and pay for another 3 months or get a monthly membership to it.  I stopped doing my monthly FitReserve membership because it just wasn’t in my budget anymore and it is easier to workout at home.

Anyways, here’s my week in workouts…if it looks like I’ve been working out a lot, well, I have been (I guess this is what happens when you’re in your last semester of law school and not as busy as before). Plus the NYC Half is only 3 weeks away so I need to get ready!

Monday 2/20 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve & a one hour level 2 class at Yogamaya

Tuesday 2/21 – 3 mile run to break in the new shoes!


Wednesday 2/22 – blogilates videos: Lean & Sculpted body in the morning & three 8-minute swimsuit slim down series videos (thighs, abs & obliques, and butt) in the evening

Thursday 2/23 – 7.5 mile run & 8 min blogilates abs & obliques workout before school and after class, Blogilates butt workout, 6 mins to a sexy waist, 6 mins to a sexy booty, 8 min bikini thigh workout 

Friday 2/24 – Level 2 hour class at Yogamaya, 28 minute BBG arms workout (BBG pre-workout week 1!), Blogilates videos (Thigh exercises for toned legs!, 6 mins to a sexy booty, Quick burn saddlebags slim down!, Complete Arms Workout

post-yoga fueling/breakfast!

Saturday 2/25 – 3.2 mile run followed by Blogilates’s 8 min Abs & Obliques Workout! Swimsuit Slimdown Series in the morning and a 28 minute BBG total body workout in the evening

Sunday 2/26 –  a BBG “challenge” (aka 22 moves for 300 reps in total) & 75 minute Unnata Aerial Yoga class at Sacred Sounds Yogaimg_1926Lastly, I joined the #NYCRUNSbluecrew as an ambassador! Excited to join their team! Even signed up for another half-marathon: NYCRUNS Ladies First Half Marathon on April 1!

Use my code on any of NYC Runs races for $5 off (or $10 off the halfs!): BC17JR

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