Running Around Chicago

The past week has been crazy: one midterm (split into two days), two writing assignments due, and a trip to Chicago for a legal conference (where I moderate an amazing panel on police power). Needless to say for most of the week, I wasn’t sleeping at all.  But luckily, I’m officially on spring break which means I’m half way through the semester (& GRADUATION IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!)

I’ve never been to Chicago before but I love it! It’s so clean, so flat (perfect for running) and has amazing parks to run around. Also, Lake Michigan isn’t so bad either (it’s very blue!). Plus the people are so incredibly nice.

Anyways, here are my workouts for the week:

Monday 2/27 – half of a BBG abs and arms workout (two 7 minute circuits) which was really all I had time for that day

Tuesday 2/28 – 4.5 mile run and 2 blogilates videos (her new abs video & 6 Min to a sexy booty!)

Wednesday 3/1 – full BBG abs & arms workout (28 minutes) in the AM & Candlelight Unnata Aerial Yoga at Sacred Sounds Yoga 

Thursday 3/2BBG full body workout (28 minutes) before getting on a plane to go to Chicago! img_1952

Friday 3/3 – rest day! (aka conference day!)

Saturday 3/4 – Ran 5 very windy miles along Lake Michigan


Sunday 3/5 – Ran 9 miles! but of course I had to stop and take some pictures!

I had to stop at the bean for a picture!

My friend, Caitlin, who I haven’t seen in years, took me through the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. I was staying in the Downtown area for my runs but we ran north where we ran past a lake near the restaurant North Pond through the zoo (flamingos, tigers, and rhinos, oh my!).

Monday 3/6 – High Def 45 at Studio Three in the AM and BBG Arms and Abs in the PM

My last day in Chicago so I needed to stop by at least one boutique fitness studio just to check it out.  Studio Three was only a 10 minute walk from my hotel and it’s $13 for your first class so I had to go! Plus they have a smoothie and juice bar so I was sold.

I ended up taking the Hi Def 45 minute class at 7:15am, which was held in their yoga studio (they also have an interval and a spin studio – each studio is on a different floor). Hi Def 45 is basically a hot yoga inspired class with intervals, circuits and weights.  I grabbed a mat and a towel (both free) and went into the studio which was at least 95 degrees (as it states on the website).  The class started with yoga moves then went into a cardio interval which is a little insane because its so hot in there but they were short bursts (20 seconds each of two different moves) x 4. Then we went into weights. I had assumed it would be a light weight class but no – most women in there had at least 8 or 10 pound weights.  Each move was done for a minute. Then the cycle continued again – with another cardio interval then weight circuit but the second time around was less painful. We then ended class with planks.  Overall, I loved the class because even though we did cardio bursts and weights – we still focused a lot on breathing. And the studio is huge! Definitely wish I had time to check out the other classes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.36.21 AM
Ordered the “Dani” smoothie at the bar! So good

Even though I worked out a lot….I also ate a lot too! I finally tried deep dish pizza and I’m just not a fan. Anyways, here are some highlights:

I heard and read some great reviews of The Purple Pig so my friend and I tried it out.  We showed up at 2:30pm on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed! But we were seated outside in the heated and covered patio.  We ordered 4 dishes if you count dessert.  Dessert (top left) was a fried brioche stuffed with ricotta and chocolate chips which was amazing), beef tendon chips (middle) was still making the crackling sound when the waiter put it on our table, and we also got the Burrata Pugliese (top right) and lamb ribs (not pictured). Everything was amazing and I highly recommend going to this place but it definitely seems busy all the time.

Yes, this is a hot chocolate topped with a donut, toasted marshmallow fluff, and a biscotti and a bunch of other deliciousness!

If you want crazy desserts, definitely check out BomboBar! It’s a little window, that’s enclosed attached to a bar.  For the record, that hot chocolate above is bigger than a coffee mug, it sorta looks small in the picture but its large and you should share with at least two other people or you will be in a sugar coma.

I definitely want to come back and visit Chicago (preferably in much warmer weather) soon! It’s such a great city and there are still lots of things I want to check out (I really want to do that architecture boat tour!).

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