The Final Countdown – spring break edition

To me, spring break has always been the tipping point in the semester. Everything moves so slowly then BAM!….everything starts to move fast right after spring break.  It’s crazy to think that my last final is less than two months away and graduation is in 2.5 months.  It’s a surreal feeling to be honest.

Plus I have three half-marathons coming up over the next 8 weeks: the NYC Half on 3/19, the NYCRUNS Ladies First Half on 4/1 and the SHAPE Women’s Half on 4/30.

Anyways, I got back from Chicago on Monday and spent the rest of spring break at my internship, working out and hanging out friends. I hoped to get a 10 mile run in this weekend but I just can’t handle the cold. I survived doing 7 miles run on Saturday but couldn’t take anymore so I went back inside.

Monday 3/6 – HI DEF 45 at Studio Three in Chicago in the morning & BBG Arms + Abs in the evening

Tuesday 3/7Turnover Tuesdays w/ NYRR

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.36.02 PM
Photo Credit: NYRR Instagram

Like I mentioned, I’m doing three half-marathons in the next 8 weeks so I need to work on interval training.  Due to peer pressure from my law school classmates, I signed up for this 8 week class with NYRR.  It’s every Tuesday morning at 6:30am for the next 8 weeks. There are two locations – one in Central Park and the other in Brooklyn.  The Brooklyn one meets in Grand Army Plaza.  So I ended up running a little over a mile to get there.  Once we got there, we split into pace groups for the training.  We did a short jog (maybe 10 mins) then did some dynamic stretching then started doing 400meter intervals, another short jog back to Grand Army Plaza then a core workout….all within an hour! So far I really like it and I’m glad I’m doing it because I don’t do intervals enough.

Wednesday 3/8 – Level 2 hour class at Yogamaya

Thursday 3/9 – 4 mile run

Friday 3/10BBG Full Body workout (there were sooooo many pushups in this one) + the BBG Weekly Challenge (300 reps in total but using 22 different moves)

Saturday 3/11 – 7 mile run (yes, outside!) + BBG Legs + BBG Weekly Challenge (yes again)

Yes, you read that right….I worked out three times. The first workout was outside in 25 degree weather and it was awful. I originally had 10 miles planned and I was like NOPE NOT HAPPENING. I was so cold.

I went inside and made breakfast and tried to warm but that wasn’t happening so I got in the shower to warm up.  Eventually I was fine so I worked out again doing BBG Legs and the Weekly challenge so another 45 minute workout in total.

Also, another cool thing about the app, recovery and cool downs are built in.  Recovery is done separately and involves a foam roller. Similar to the other workouts, recovery is also timed. For example, 60 seconds to roll your left quad and another 60 seconds for the right quad.

Sunday 3/12 – 75 Unnata Aerial Yoga at Sacred Sounds Yoga & BBG Challenge

I don’t think I’ll get in my 10 mile run before next week’s half-marathon especially with this impending blizzard.  I’m excited either way – my 20th half-marathon! (& 4th NYC Half – how insane! hahaha).



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