Sound Off Meditation at Yo Yoga!

There are so many benefits to meditation such as better focus, less anxiety, and better memory  – all things that can really help me being that I’m in law school. I’ve tried different meditation apps before but never stuck with them. I really do find it hard to concentrate and just be in the moment.

So when I heard that Yo Yoga had Sound Off Meditation, I had to try it out! I’ve been to Sound Off events before but never at an actual yoga studio and never for a meditation.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.06.08 PMThe best way to describe SoundOff Meditation comes right from the Yo Yoga! founder, Rebecca:

Just like with yoga, people are being inundated with information about the positive effects and benefits of meditation to achieve a healthy mind and body. However, some people are intimidated by it. They don’t know where to start and feel like they won’t be able to do it. I chose to add Sound Off Meditation to Yo Yoga!’s offerings for a couple reasons; first, the technology adds a different dimension to the practice and piques people’s curiosity making them more likely to try meditation. Second and most important, for some people I think this method of meditation can be slightly easier for those who are novice, and it’s a unique experience for those who are not. 

Sound Off Meditation lets you audibly remove yourself from the world around you and eliminates auditory distractions making focus more accessible. Ambient, gentle sounds help to put you in a calmer head space as the instructor eases you into the practice with breath work and guides you through the meditation. Having the instructor’s voice right in your ear helps us turn our consciousness inward and our focus internal.

I checked out Sound Off Meditation last Friday night.  The class was 30 minutes in a dimly lit room.  I got my headphones and headed into the room.  There were a ton of props in the back of the classroom to sit on. I grabbed a block and some blankets.

before class!

Most people started off sitting on the block and/or the blankets in a cross-legged position with their hands on their legs.  The instructor, Ashley, came into the room and sat down and turned off the lights.  Once class started, you could hear the zen-like music playing plus Ashley leading us through the guided meditation.

For me, meditation does not come easily but with Ashley’s guidance through the headphones, it made it a much more pleasant experience.  Also, NOT being able to hear people around me forced me to keep my mind in the zone.  For example, halfway through it, I was sneezing and of course my friends couldn’t hear me  because of the headphones.

after class!

I love that Yo Yoga! has Sound Off Meditation because it makes it so much more accessible for those who are newbies to the practice of meditation. It also makes it a much better experience for those who are more experienced in meditation.  If you’ve been practicing for a while or have never done it, I highly recommend checking out this class and all of Yo Yoga!’s offerings!

hanging out in Yo Yoga’s studio!


The Details

Studio: Yo Yoga!

Address: 344 E 59th St., New York, NY (close to the 4,5,6,N,Q,W,F trains)


Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Price: $10 for SoundOff Meditation classes, class packs available – check out pricing here

Note: Yo Yoga! allowed me to visit for a free class, but I was in no way compensated to review it on my blog. These are my honest opinions.

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