Training The Week of NYC Half

The week started off slowly then went full speed ahead – a snow day to graduation photos to the NYC Half.  Here’s what happened:

Monday – 4 mile run & BBG arms & abs (last week of beginner training!)

Tuesday – SNOW DAY so indoor workout = BBG full body & BBG challenge



Wednesday – Unnata Aerial Yoga at Sacred Sounds Yoga

Thursday – BBG Legs

I probably shouldn’t have saved this workout for so close to the half-marathon but I did. I hate the leg workouts from BBG. I can’t fully explain why but it probably has something to do with the fact that I work my legs all the time.

That being said, Thursday was also the day I did my hair at Drybar for my graduation photos and picked up my bib.

school bathroom selfie…I HAD TO

Because my hair looked AMAZING – I had to take all the photos when I went to bib pick up at Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street.


Friday  – SoundOff Meditation at Yo Yoga! & Blogilates abs video

Check out of my review of Sound Off Meditation here.


Saturday – 3 mile run!

Then I carboloaded with pizza hahahahahaha #noregrets


Sunday – 13.1 miles!!!! 20th Half Done! See recap here.

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