How not to recover after a half-marathon – BBG week 1

I’m not sure how this happened but in an effort to keep myself busy and out of trouble until bar prep starts at the end of May, I signed up for a bunch of half-marathons and started doing BBG pre-training a few weeks ago.

LOL actually this is all a lie, almost every graduating 3L I know is on some sort of graduation diet so I ended up on the bandwagon.

Well, I’ll admit I hate the word diet. In the words of a classmate, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s really a lifestyle change back to when I had a consistent work schedule and thus a consistent workout schedule and didn’t eat so much crappy food. That being said, whatever you want to call it – it’s working. Jeans that haven’t fit me since before law school started (I started law school in August 2014) finally fit again so that’s something.

As much as I love planning out things, I kept saying “yes” to a bunch of half-marathons and somehow scheduled 3 half-marathons in 6 weeks.  The first half-marathon was last Sunday, the NYC Half.  I only started doing BBG pre-training because the first week was free then I got hooked. It just so happened that after 4 weeks of pre-training, BBG week 1 started the day after the NYC Half so jokes on me. That being said, I’m also doing the NYC Runs Ladies First Half this Saturday, April 1st. So holy crap. This is a lot of working out!***P.S. Prices go up tonight! Use my code “BC17JR” for $5 off registration. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 8.52.51 PM

But let’s go back to this whole graduation diet thing – it’s not really a diet and yes I’m working out a ton but I’ve always been someone who likes to keep busy. At the end of the day, I feel like I’m a sitting duck. I’m waiting for law school to end. I’m waiting for graduation. I’m waiting for bar prep to start. I’m just doing a lot of waiting and I HATE IT. I HATE IT SO MUCH. I hate having so many things up in the air. So yes, this is about looking good and feeling good but this is also about not losing my mind while I wait for my life to start.

Moving on, let’s talk about this past week of working out:


Monday 3/20 – BBG Arms & Abs – I thought this would be a great idea because it’s just arms and abs but the day after a half-marathon, everything was still hurting.

Tuesday 3/21 – BBG Full Body – yup, still freaking tired but my legs were better but still sore so I skipped my weekly NYRR workout

Wednesday 3/22 – 45-minute Swerve class & 1 hour candlelight Unnata Aerial Yoga at Sacred Sounds Yoga 

Thursday 3/23 – BBG Challenge (this was really long! Took me 25 minutes to complete) and a 45 minute Swerve class!

Friday 3/24 – BBG Legs

A walk around FiDi during lunch

Saturday 3/25 – 4 mile run, and 2 blogilates videos (8 minute abs & obliques & best ab exercises)

Sunday 3/26 – #FitwithBAE which is a 45-minute workout & half of BBG Arms & Abs

I heard about #Fitwithbae through Instagram and signed up as soon as tickets went on sale.  My law school classmate, Gloria, came with me and I unsuccessfully tried to get other classmates to join us.  I wasn’t too sure what the workout would be but the email confirmation said bring a mat and get ready to sweat.  From the description, I expected a HITT type of workout.

There was a ton of sweating and a ton of working out. Except there was not a ton of space.  The event seemed overbooked or they underestimated how much space people take up with their yoga mats and bags.  I got kicked a few times during the workout but the Sweaty Betty bag made it all worth it (the event registration was $20 and the bag retails for $110 soo worth it!).  One of the microphones (there were two instructors) were out and there were so many people, you couldn’t see the demos.

The workout consisted of a warm up, 6 circuits where you did 3 moves 3x in each circuit and a cool down (at least this is from my recollection, I was just so distracted with the space issue).  Overall, it was a cool event with lots of great sponsors like Bai drinks and Mele (both of which are delicious) but the space issue was awful.

It’s been a fun filled sweaty week and this upcoming week will be no exception.  For some reason, this week will be crazy busy – a gala Tuesday night, a concert Thursday night, an anniversary workout at Uplift Friday night and a half-marathon Saturday!

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