BBG week 3 & UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

I knew this past week would be a busy week but I didn’t expect how busy it would be.  Unexpectedly, #ReunionTour2017 kicked off because I get very sentimental around graduation time (I’ll get into this in another post but basically this has to do with making amends).  I saw a bunch of friends this past week and essentially had gone out a few nights this past week. The workouts on the other hand…have been. Except I missed two days of my 30 day yoga challenge. OOPS.

Monday 4/3 – Flow at Yoga Vida & BBG Arms and Abs

Tuesday 4/4 – Flow at Yoga Vida 

Wednesday 4/5 – rest

Thursday 4/6 – rest

Friday 4/7 – BBG Full Body & Bedtime Yoga 

Saturday 4/8 – 3 mile run in Prospect Park, Golf 101 class at Chelsea Piers,  2 Blogilates videos (Goodbye Muffin Top & Best Ab Exercises) & Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

I had a discount code from Gilt City and ended up getting this Gilt deal for a Golf 101 class and $50 ball card.  The golf 101 class was an hour and half class. The first 30 minutes were indoors, learning about the different clubs and the game of golf. The next hour was spent hitting golf balls while being coached at the super cool driving range overlooking the water.  I had been to the Golf Club once before for a work retreat so spending an hour hitting balls here was a lot of fun.


After running and then golfing, I grabbed brunch with my friend Michelle at Gardenia in the West Village, which is super cute with lots of light.

veggie omelet & baked spanish eggs 

Sunday 4/9 – UAE Healthy Kidney 10K (missed by PR by 2 minutes), BBG Legs, 20 Core Strength Ritual yoga video

This race made me miss running these “smaller” races.  I haven’t done a 10k in almost two years and this is only my 2nd one in law school.  Even though my NYRR account says I’ve ran 31 races with them, this is my first time running this particular race.  It was such a gorgeous day to go running! I’ve been getting up very early for the past week so I got to the race 45 minutes early which is very much unlike me and I still had time to grab my bib and go to baggage.  I also forgot how busy and packed these NYRR races get.


I hate running in Central Park (because hills!). I did feel a bit sore from the past few days. I woke up this morning and the left side of my back hurt (I’m assuming from all the golf club swinging) and my legs hurt.  Either way, it was a fun race and I love the medal.  It’s so pretty.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 11.08.54 PM

This week I’ll be officially 1/3 of the way through the BBG 12 week workout plan! It’s a quiet week from school and work and it’s also my birthday at the end of the week so I’m trying to get lots of workouts in!

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