BBG weeks 4 & 5

The workouts have been on point but my eating is not so much. BBG week 4 was so on point (eating-wise) until the day before my birthday then it went all downhill. Basically at least one cheat meal a day for the past week (oops). That being said – so worth it.

BBG week 4 fell on the week of Passover and Easter so I didn’t get to see too many of my friends or classmates during the week. I did get to see some awesome people for my birthday! As for BBG week 5, everyone was back so somehow I ended up out and about every night this past week.  Absolutely no regrets – it’s been an awesome week and half.

Monday 4/10Strength at Uplift & 3 mile run

Tuesday 4/11 – 3 mile run, BBG Arms & Abs and 65 minute flow class at Yoga Vida

Seen after Yoga Vida in Brooklyn Heights

Wednesday 4/12Uplift Express class & 3 mile run

Thursday 4/1365 minute Flow at Yoga Vida & BBG full body

Friday 4/1445 minute spin class at Swerve & 2 blogilates videos (Total Ab Workout & Lift Your Booty Workout) & 7 minute bedtime yoga)

Saturday 4/15 – my 28th birthday! free birthday class at Strength at Uplift Studios

that post-workout birthday selfie

Sunday 4/16 – BBG Legs

Hanging out at the MOFAD (Museum of Food & Drink) 

Monday 4/17 – BBG Arms & Abs

Tuesday 4/18 – 3 mile run

Seen on my run!

Wednesday 4/19 – BBG Full Body

Thursday 4/20 – 3 mile run

Friday 4/21 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve (yay another free birthday class!)


Saturday 4/22 – 4 mile run

Sunday 4/23 – FitwithBae workout (5 circuits of 3 workout moves done 2x each circuit w/ burst of cardio in between each workout) AND BBG Legs

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