The Final Countdown & BBG Week 6

I cannot believe it’s May! May 2017 is only the month I’ve been looking forward to since FOREVER.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.27.15 AM

I also can’t believe I only have a week of law school left. This week is the last week of classes and my last final is a week from today. I’m so close to the finish. As I said in my last post, I get sentimental around this time (then it will probably go away real fast once bar prep hits me).

I’ve been counting down all my “lasts” lately. I had my last court appearance as a law student last week (I get to represent clients on the record under supervision), last mock trial on this coming Wednesday, last class on Wednesday. Last time I’ll ever be in school ever again (I have an Associates a bachelors a master’s and soon a law degree – that’s too many degrees lol).
I’ve also been counting all my workouts. Since starting my self-care kick since the end of January, I’ve only taken 3 days off from working out.  It makes sense as I’ve been told that I “externalize” a lot of my anxiety. I always have to be running around doing things (or just literally running).
Enough life talk. I can’t believe I’ve been doing BBG for more than 6 weeks (well 10 weeks if you include 4 weeks of pretraining). I haven’t missed a single BBG workout which I am shocked about. I feel like pictures don’t do my progress any justice but my favorite running shorts and my only pair of jeans fit (& they haven’t fit since before law school started) and today I wore a dress that I haven’t worn in well over 5 months and it looked massive on me. So the progress is there.
Anyways, here are my workouts for the past week.
Monday 4/24 – BBG Arms & Abs + spin class at Swerve
Also picked up my bib on Monday from the NYRR Run Hub – it’s a really nice space!
Tuesday 4/25 – BBG Full Body + the BBG Challenge (this week it was a pyramid of sumo squat jumps and push ups so 1 squat jump, then 1 push up, 2 squat jumps, 2 push ups, etc. until 10 reps of both, then back down the pyramid).
Wednesday 4/26 – BBG Legs
Thursday 4/27 – Uplift Express at Uplift + spin class at Swerve
Friday 4/28 – 4 mile run
Saturday 4/29 – 3 mile run & Kayla’s 20 minute ab workout
Sunday 4/30 – 13.1 miles at the SHAPE Women’s Half- Marathon!

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