BBG weeks 7 + 8 & the end of law school

My current status….


The semester has officially been over (for me at least) for the past week and I’ve been having too much fun. Graduation isn’t until May 25th which is odd because bar prep starts just days before.  It’s weird that law school is over. I’m mostly relieved to put this hot mess period of my life behind me but I know I’ll be that person who’s like “oh this time in law school….” My feelings about law school is a mix of wanting to put it all behind me and missing it all. Go figure.

I also feel like I’m going out way too much and hanging out with everyone. I’ve basically been out and about every night since my last final last Monday….

But then reality sets back in….and I’m like oh wait….bar prep starts in a little over a week (NOOOOOOO)

getting ready for the worst two months of my life 

So since all I’ve been doing is going out every night and my days are mostly free, I’ve been doing all the workouts.

Week 7

Monday 5/1 – BBG Arms & Abs

Tuesday 5/2 – 3 mile run

Wednesday 5/3 – REST (just kidding – I had a mock trial and presentation and basically ate the world in between and after all of those things haha)

Thursday 5/4 – 3 mile run & Strength at Uplift

Friday 5/5 – TWO (two) Swerve spin classes – 7am & 5:30pm

Saturday 5/6 – 3 mile run & BBG full body

Sunday 5/7 – 45 minute workout w/#Fitwithbae

Week 8

Monday 5/8 – BBG Arms & Abs

Tuesday 5/9 – rest

Wednesday 5/10 – 4 mile run, 45 minute Sculpt class at Uplift , IronStrength workout at Equinox’s Printing House (first half of class was a warm up plus Dr. Metzl’s 9 minute strength workout 2x, there was a cardio kickboxing session right after but I was so sore and tired I bailed and showered).


Thursday 5/11 – 3 mile run, BBG Full Body, & outdoor yoga in Bryant Park

obligatory selfie pic 

Friday 5/12 – 3 mile run & BBG Legs

Saturday 5/13 – 20 minute Abs workout

Sunday 5/14 – 3 mile run

This upcoming week, is week 9 of the BBG program and I can’t believe I’ve committed to BBG for over 3 months (I did the pre-training program too!). Excited for this week – more fun times with friends, awesome events around the city, beach day (its going to be 90 degrees on Thursday!, more parties and cheering on my best friends at the Brooklyn Half). I should also try and find a graduation dress for next week!

What are you looking forward to this week?

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