BBG week 9: the calm before the storm

It’s been all fun and games since my last final two weeks ago. I tried to fit all of summer 2017 into two weeks before bar prep starts. And I think I succeeded.  Lots of nights out, lots of beach trips, lots of hanging out and lots of productivity (finally got my graduation dresses, did some spring cleaning, etc.). Just like last week.

This week I got around to trying HelloFreshHelloFresh. I like it, it’s simple and tasty but I’m not sure it warrants the price. As you can tell from the pictures below, there’s a green, a carb and a meat or fish of sorts (there’s vegetarian options too). I think the meatloaf with the sweet potato mash was my favorite (bottom right).

Anyways, graduation is on Thursday (WOOOO) and bar prep starts tomorrow (BOOOOOO). However, I’m excited to finally be officially done with school and buckle down once again for bar prep and for once in the past 3 years, finally focus on just one thing – passing the bar exam in July.

This past week was BBG week 9 and it’s noticeably harder than the past few weeks and I had been dreading doing BBG legs all week (it is SO MUCH JUMPING).

Monday 5/15 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve & BBG Abs

Tuesday 5/16 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve & BBG Arms

Wednesday 5/17 – 3 mile run, BBG challenge (descending pyramid starting with 10 reps of  push ups and squat jumps down to one rep)

Thursday 5/18 – 1 circuit of BBG legs, then BBG challenge


Friday 5/19 – 3 sets of 5 minute abs then another beach day!

Rockaway Beach! 

Saturday 5/20 – 3 mile run, 2 sets of 5 minute abs, & BBG Legs

Sunday 5/21 – 45 minute circuit workout with #FitwithBae & weight lifting at the gym for 45 minutes

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