BBG Weeks 10 – 13 & that Bar Prep stress

Time flies when you’re busy having fun  getting your ass kicked by bar prep. I won’t talk about bar prep (that much) but I will say I’m glad I’ve stuck with my fitness routine thus far.  I’ve only taken one day off from working out since bar prep started (which coincided with BBG week 10).

So far, it seems to me that bar prep is a marathon and it’s a delicate balance of doing everything you possibly can to pass without burning out fast and still making it through the 2-day exam at the end of July.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.46.08 PM.png

I literally start LOLing when I read tips to survive bar prep like “manage your stress and anxiety,” “see friends and your support system” but still manage to do 10 hours a work a day. LOL YEA OK.  But I definitely need an outlet through this.  One that isn’t stress eating food or drinking (both of which seem to be a lot of people’s coping mechanism of choice). Neither of which, really helps my situation right now (although I have a new found craving for Rosé – go figure).

Oddly enough I’ve found that I’m so stressed out I don’t have an appetite.  A few weeks ago, I think it was BBG week 11, I found myself being epically exhausted. Like truly exhausted in a way that I haven’t felt in months.  I didn’t have an appetite so I wasn’t eating and when I was eating, it was just takeout.  It’s sorta hilarious because I stress ate throughout law school and now I have no appetite. Weird. But I blame the stress.

I cleaned up my act and eating much healthier.  So my energy is back and I’m getting through my work and workouts without a problem.  I also started ordering Greenblender again because if I won’t eat, I should just drink my veggies right? I have a Nutribullet so I’m currently obsessed with all thing juices and smoothies. I also discovered chia pudding so I’ve been making it recently to have for breakfast. It’s so easy! I’ve been adding shakeology to it for flavor and protein.

Besides exercise and eating right, I’m definitely trying to see my favorite people.  Despite bar prep making me anti-social, I’ve still made it to graduation parties, picnics and even a beach day.  I can’t go into hermit status just yet, maybe in July.  I do feel this pressure to be studying 24/7 so I have my flashcards on me at all times.  The bar exam is 5 weeks from tomorrow so I’m trying not to freakout just yet but it is going by fast.


my graduation party balloons!

BBG Week 10

Monday 5/22 – 55 minute Strength class at Uplift Studios

Tuesday 5/23 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve

Wednesday 5/24 – 4 mile run, & pyramid (a prior week’s BBG challenge – start with 10 reps of squat jumps and hand release pushups, alternating down to 1 rep each)

Thursday 5/25 – 45 min spin class at Swerve & BBG Abs

Friday 5/26 – 55 minute Strength class at Uplift Studios

Saturday 5/27 – 3 mile run

Sunday 5/28 – BBG arms

BBG Week 11

Monday 5/29 – BBG Abs & 55 minute Endurance class (my least favorite of all the classes at Uplift Studios since it’s a lot of HITT and cardio but it’s such a good workout)

Tuesday 5/30 – 45 minute spin at Swerve

Wednesday 5/31 – spin at Swerve

Thursday 6/1 – strength at Uplift

Friday 6/2 – 3 mile run

Saturday 6/3 – BBG arms

Sunday 6/4 – Pilates at Do Yoga Do Pilates  & half of this week’s BBG leg challenge

BBG Week 12

Monday 6/5 – spin @ Swerve Fitness

Tuesday 6/6 – 50 minute class @ Exceed + 75 minute Candlelight Yoga class at Sacred Sounds

Wednesday 6/7 – BBG Arms & 3.5 mile run

Love running by my law school on the West Side Highway

Thursday 6/8 – rest day

Friday 6/9 – BBG Abs

Saturday 6/10 – 3 miles

Sunday 6/11 – BBG Legs

BBG Week 13

Monday 6/12 – spin @ Swerve Fitness

Tuesday 6/13 – BBG Abs

Wednesday 6/14 – 50 minute class @ Exceed

Thursday 6/15 – 45 minute Power @ Uplift

Friday 6/16 – BBG Arms

Saturday 6/17 – spin @ Swerve Fitness

Sunday 6/18 – BBG Legs


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