BBG Weeks 14 & 15 + the good & bad of bar prep

I hate when people ask me how bar prep is going….


Because it sucks and it’s awful but it has to get done. My answer won’t ever change. You won’t ever hear me say “I LOVE THIS.” Because I don’t.

Bar prep feels like a marathon (or that’s how I’ve been explaining this process to non-lawyer friends). And right now, it feels like I’m at mile 18. Too close to the finish line to quit but still so far away and the closer you get to the finish, it just hurts more.  There’s still so much ground to cover. The test is 3 weeks from this Tuesday (and yes I may have a countdown for it).

Plus the exam itself will actually feel like a marathon.  Essentially, it’s a 12-hour test broken into four 3 hour parts over the course of two days. Doesn’t sound terrible right? Wrong! I took a simulated MBE (multistate bar examination – 200 multiple choice questions) on Friday. It was exhausting. Even though I ate healthy all day and nothing too heavy at lunch, I couldn’t stop yawning during the afternoon session.  I was so tired by the end of it. I walked out and heard people saying “I’m exhausted, how am I supposed to do that two days in a row?”


I’ve ran into a few friends and professors who say I seem to be handling bar prep really well. LOL. That’s hilarious. I’m not sure if its the fact that most of the time, I have a great poker face on or the fact that I’m literally too tired (both mentally and physically) to actually panic.  But the anxiety is there. It just doesn’t manifest itself the way it usually does.  I’m sleeping really, really well (usually 7-8 hours a night).  I’m not freaking out.  I look calm.  My appetite is hit or miss these days unlike in law school (or grad school for that matter) where I stress ate everything in sight.  But when the panic hits – it feels like someone is sitting on my chest, it doesn’t happen often but it’s there. That being said, as a lawyer friend told me a few days ago, the closer I get to the exam, I’ll be way to busy trying to memorize every law possible to have a breakdown so I guess being busy is a good thing.


Looking on the positive side, there are a few good things about bar prep. Here’s my list (yes there might be some good in all of this):

  • I have no life except studying that I never go out anymore. So I’m saving money and dropping some pounds in the process. I’ve dropped 13lbs since January (although most of that weight loss was before graduation but I’m back down to my pre-law school size! WOOO).
  • I’m a lot healthier. Since I can do bar prep from anywhere, I’ve been meal prepping a lot instead of buying take out (which I did so much of during school because I was never home).
  • The solitude is nice.  It was hard to deal with in the beginning (this is not a group study effort – most people I know are alone hours on end studying and avoiding each other) but now I don’t mind it.  I live in my own little bubble especially since I’ve gotten rid of Facebook and Twitter for the time being.
  • If I do this right, I’ll actually be a lawyer at the end of all of this.

BBG Week 14 

Monday 6/19 – 45 minute spin class at Swerve

Tuesday 6/20 – DASH 28 at Mile High Run Club


Wednesday 6/21 – DASH 28 at Mile High Run Club

Thursday 6/22 – BBG Abs

Friday 6/23 – rest day

Saturday 6/24 – allongée technique


Sunday 6/25 – Achilles International 4 mile race hosted by NYRR




BBG Week 15

Monday 6/26 – BBG Abs & hour long level 2 class at Yogamaya

Tuesday 6/27 – DASH 28 at Mile High Run Club

Wednesday 6/28 – DASH 28 at Mile High Run Club

Thursday 6/29 – 50 minute SLT class


Friday 6/30 – rest day

Saturday 7/1 – BBG arms

Sunday 7/2 – BBG legs

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