allongée technique: a ballet bootcamp

If you’ve been following my blog for the past four years, you know I’ll never say “no” to trying a new fitness class.  I’ve tried everything from barre to aqua cycling to boxing.  So I was very curious about this class that’s a “ballet bootcamp for your small muscles.”  A few weeks ago, I checked out allongée, in the East Village. allongée is a Philly-based studio that has been hosting pop-up classes in NYC this summer at Arts on Site (aka in the same building at Yoga to the People’s East Village classes take place).

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the East Village pop-up class

Although ballerinas are graceful, strong athletes, their lack of cardio training was the driving force behind the creation of the workout, allongée.

Former contemporary dancer Jillian Dreusike originally created allongée, which in French means ‘to lengthen,’ to target dancers who didn’t have cardio training and were out of breath after 15-minute sequences. What started as a cross-training program for Dreusike’s dance crew has turned into an intense, result-yielding workout for anyone – dancers and non-dancers alike.

Each of the 18 classes the Philly studio hosts is designed around ballet movements and fits into three categories:

● Sculpt (Weightless, Strength 100, derriere, allongee Vinyasa)
● Sweat (BURN!, cardioLOGIC, CoreCardioII, allongee Bey Body HIIT, Cardio
● Hybrid (bikiniLOGIC, Waist Away, Thigh-Bye, GAMS)

allongée utilizes proprietary and copyrighted choreography to develop sequences that target the small muscle groups while using the largest range of motion combined with fast repetitions. Classes are formulated so there is at least 20 minutes of cardio in each as that’s how long heart rate has to be up for fat burn to begin.

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The Class – allongée: power50

This isn’t a dance class and this isn’t a barre class. I’m not even sure ballet bootcamp is a good description for it either – it’s basically a little bit of everything. The class I took, allongée: power50 combines the best of all-original allongee® CardioSculpting components, inlcuding the use of CardioBarreBands for a little extra resistance. The class was taught by the founder and owner herself, Jillian, who is incredibly energetic and super friendly.  I’ll admit I was in awe of her because 1) she’s gorgeous and 2) she was doing the moves with us and teaching us at the same time.  I have to say that I’m definitely impressed with her energy level.

The class starts off on the floor on the mats working the core and thighs laying on your back and class ended with us standing using the resistance bands to work our arms and legs. What happened in between was a lot of sculpting and sweating.  I really did not expect to get that sweaty in class.  Also, I didn’t expect some of the ballet moves in the middle part of class but I loved it.

What I liked about this class is that there wasn’t a lot of down time.  I personally hate when there’s too much down time in a class (aka the transitions are super slow & time is being wasted).  Here, the transitions were fast and flawless. Jillian knows how to make the transition between moves flawless and it makes for a very efficient workout.  Also, this workout definitely took a different level of concentration (especially with some of the ballet moves) but I loved how it was a little bit of everything so before your body got used to something, you moved onto the next move.  It’s definitely an intense workout but it can be easily be modified with Jillian’s help.

So would I do it again? absolutely! It’s definitely a great workout and you do not get bored in this class. You get lots of cardio and lots of sculpting.  You should definitely check out allongée’s NYC pop-up classes Saturdays July 15, July 22 and July 29! 

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Photo credit: allongée technique

The Details

Studio: allongée technique

Address: Arts on Site – 12 St. Mark’s Place, Studio 4F, New York, NY 10003 & 232 Market Street – 2nd Floor, Philadelphia PA 19106

Book here for NYC classes on 7/15, 7/22 & 7/29


Social Media:  Instagram | Facebook

Note: allongée allowed me to visit for a free class, but I was in no way compensated to review it on my blog. These are my honest opinions.

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