Summer 2017 Favorites

I can’t believe it’s the (unofficial) last weekend of summer.  Summer has gone by too fast but as much as I love going to the beach, I love the fall.  But between studying and sitting for the exam that shall not be named and getting my life together, I’ve experimented with some new things this summer that I love.  So here are my favorite things I’ve tried this summer:


Because I deleted every single social media app and Netflix subscription for two months, I needed some entertainment this summer while studying.  My roommate listens to a bunch of podcasts so I slowly got into and got hooked.  Some of the podcasts were studying related (definitely check out Law School Toolbox’s podcast) but the others were not. Here are my favorites:

  • Sheroic – I love Cassey Ho’s Blogilates youtube series of workout videos.  She teamed up with Lisa Bilyeu in June to start this podcast.  I’ve listened to most of their episodes so far and love it.  It’s all about female empowerment and living your best lives.  Since they’re both in the fitness/health industry, those topics are tied into the Favorite episode thus far: She Boss 101.
  • Hidden Brain – If you like learning about why we do things, this is a good podcast for you.  Stories are backed by lots of social science research.  My favorite episode – the Broken Windows episode and police shootings and implicit biases.
  • Nutrition Diva – If you’re into learning more about nutrition, this is a good podcast to listen to.  The episodes are short (usually 10 minutes or less) and she goes into so many different topics.  Favorite episode so far – Whole30: Elimination Diet or Nutritional Penance?

Other podcast favorites: Revisionist History, The Good Life Project, Criminal, and Motivated


Because I got into podcasts, I also got into audiobooks.  I have an Amazon Prime account, so I got a few free books through Audible.  Two great books I listened to this summer:

“The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck” is hilarious and so on point.  I love how he uses personal real life examples to get a point across. It’s advertised as really an anti-self help book when in reality it’s a complete self-help book but with a very different approach. This quote from the book sums up the theory: “Because when we give too many fucks, when we choose to give a fuck about everything, then we feel as though we are perpetually entitled to feel comfortable and happy at all times, that’s when life fucks us.” 

“The Power of Habit” is a great read if you want to understand how habits begin, continue and are broken.  The general premise of the book is how incredibly powerful habits are in everything – from running a multimillion dollar business, to winning the Olympics to losing weight.  Also, a takeaway from the book – to break a habit, usually you have to replace the habit with another one.  The power of habit seems to be that your brain just goes into autopilot and isn’t even a conscious part of your everyday decision making.  It’s a long book but incredibly interesting research.


I’ve wanted to order things from AdoreMe before but they had a huge summer sale so I got 3 bikinis off of the website (okay it was originally two bikinis but I returned those and then got three).  I love their stuff because the bikini’s are very sturdy material.

Pro tip: if you’re buying something padded from them, go a cup size down.  The original bikini I wanted was too big but going a cup size from my usual bra size made all the difference with the bikinis.

P.S. These bikinis below are the ones I bought and I LOVE them!



I love going to Smorgasburg. When my favorite foodie, Beth, came to visit we had to go to Smorgasburg. We actually went 2 days in a row – once at the new location at Hudson Square (right north of TriBeCa) and to the original Willamsburg location.  If you don’t know what it is, it’s essentially a bunch of food vendors who sell really unique food outdoors.

Rolled Iced Cream – you have to try it!

Rolled iced cream is delicious.  Also, it doesn’t melt as fast as regular iced cream which is great but it does take a while to wait for.  You should try Bona Bona iced cream too.  I got the nutella smores flavored iced cream topped with charred marshmallow.


We saw these on Instagram and knew we had to try it: pudding topped with macaroon bears from Baonanas.  Their pudding is light and fluffy and the macaroon was delicious.  I generally don’t like pudding but this was so fluffy and not heavy like other puddings.


What are you favorites from this summer? Any podcast recommendations? Audiobook recommendations?

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