Falling into Fall + happy 6 years NYC!

Happy 6th Anniversary NYC! I can’t believe its been 6 years since I moved into an apartment in Astoria with one of my best friends from Boston.

Two years ago, I wrote this post as a second year law student.  My time in NYC can be split into three periods: pre-law school, law school and post-law school (so original I know).  That being said, it’s been a weird time. A weird transition time. I’m getting back to real life and falling into a routine where there’s a lot of free time (well, in comparison to my time in law school).

Transition is good.  I’ve missed the real world (and having a salary and decent health insurance).  Plus I’ve been seeing a ton of friends that I’ve lost touch with in law school. A few of them I saw about a year ago.  Not seeing a lot of people in a year forces me to rehash the past year in detail (mostly good but also some bad i.e. breakups).  Having to do that forces me to put into perspective of how different this fall turned out to be than what I imagined a year ago.

Last year, I imagined that I’d start my legal career as a criminal defense attorney somewhere around the country.  I love NYC but I had assumed there was a chance I would move because of a job.  That didn’t happen. Plus the dream job that I wanted here in NYC, I ultimately didn’t get even though I made it past so many rounds of interviews.

But there’s a silver lining to most things.  Even though I didn’t get my dream job, I do actually have a job that’s in the legal field.  Because my job doesn’t require crazy hours, I actually have time to do all the things I haven’t had time to do in the past three years.  Also, because my job doesn’t require me going to court, I can dye my hair a ridiculous blonde color (see below).  Because I don’t have to spend weekends studying, I can go out at night and on weekends without feeling all that guilty.  Because I actually have a salary, I can actually go on trips and do races. And no matter how bar results turn out, I’m in a good professional and financial position right now so I’m lucky.

Still, it isn’t the fall that I imagined I would have.  But I’ve finally accepted this is where I’m at in life, at least for the time being and to just enjoy it right now.   It’s a new chapter and I’m excited to see whats in store for me.

So far it’s been a great, fun yet busy fall.  Fall is absolutely my favorite season – foliage, leaves, cool weather, pumpkin and apple flavored pastries and pies, fall running. I love fall.  At least I have fun fall events to distract me from my impending reality (cough bar results cough).

What are you all excited about this fall? 

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