Yoga Wine Party!

Yoga + Wine = A very good time!

My first year of law school, one of my friends dragged me out from under a pile of law school books to a yoga fundraiser event.  I’m glad I went because the yoga instructor was Dina Ivas and class was amazing.  Of course, I immediately started following her on Instagram (if you don’t follow her on IG, you should).

Fast forward a few years, I ended up at Yoga Wine Party with her and Liz Howng, who both founded Yoga Wine Party.  I’ve heard of Yoga Wine Party and seen IG posts about it. However, I hadn’t gone to one so I was very excited when I got an invite to one!

So me and one of my law school friends went to Yo Yoga! on the east side on 59th Street for a relaxing Saturday afternoon in October.


Dina led an hour of yoga. It was an open level but beginner friendly class.  It wasn’t a restorative class but it definitely wasn’t a power vinyasa class either.  I was feeling a little tired and sore from climbing just two days before but this yoga class made me feel less sore and tight.  We held poses for a few breaths and did a lot of hip openers (maybe I requested that…I did run a half just a week before).

If you haven’t taken a yoga class with Dina, she’s phenomenal. I appreciate that her directions are very clear but also she has a very positive and friendly vibe, which makes the class really fun.


After yoga, the real fun began! WINE! Because it stopped raining, we went out on Yo Yoga!’s deck for the wine tasting portion of the afternoon.

No worries, I wasn’t drinking while doing yoga…or was I?

Liz took us through each of the six wines. I think majority of the wines were from California (& maybe one was from France?).  Regardless, I learned a lot from Liz, a financial professional by day and WSET-certified wine expert.

For example, a wine can go bad! (who knew?). I learned that wines can go bad through its cork and it can give off a musty basement smell.  I guess it rarely happens but it happens (like it happened to one of the bottles there).

In addition to delicious wines, there were some snacks as well and chocolate (!!), which went well with the red wines.

Either way, if you’re looking for something awesome to do on a Saturday afternoon or something original to do for a birthday or bachelorette party. This is the thing to do.  They host classes at Yo Yoga! or can do private events for you and your friends. Dina and Liz are so knowledgeable about their respective fields and so friendly and easy going.  Highly recommend Yoga Wine Party for all your yoga and wine needs!

The Details

Note: Yoga Wine Party allowed me to visit for a free class, but I was in no way compensated to review it on my blog. These are my honest opinions.

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