Thanksgiving in Sweden!

When I told everyone I was going to Sweden for Thanksgiving, everyone was a little confused. I’m not Swedish and I’m not dating anyone who is.  Plus Stockholm isn’t a huge tourist spot like London or Paris or Barcelona, which actually makes it an amazing place to visit.

Stockholm at 3:30pm – yes, it gets dark very early!

My sister randomly got these tickets for us back in May (thanks for the graduation gift!). Then it turned into my mom joining us and one of my best friends, Beth, also coming along.

We left NYC on Wednesday night (Thanksgiving Eve) and got back the Monday after Thanksgiving.  We flew Norwegian Airlines and the flights were incredibly cheap (roundtrip for under $300). I didn’t realize how cheap they were until 1) I needed to pay for my own luggage 2) I had to pay for my own meals on the 6.5 – 7.5 hour long flight.

We also stayed at the Sheraton by the main train station, T-Centralen. The Sheraton is very close to Gamla Stan, aka “the old town”, the Royal Palace, City Hall and major shopping areas.  Highly recommend staying here as it’s close to everything. Plus the amenities from the sauna to the gym to the room itself are quite nice.


the view from the hotel room overlooking City Hall

I know everyone was thinking – why go to a cold place during a cold month?! Well, Sweden’s weather was about the same as NYC – about 30 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the day. The weather made it fine to walk around or take the subway.  However, the subway is expensive. For example, one subway ride cost SEK 43 ($5.09 US Dollar).

However, the subway stations were very colorful so makes it worth the price. Either way, because Beth is a foodie, we did two main things: eat and visit things. So my posts are broken up into:

Have you been to Stockholm? What are your thoughts?


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